Not everything always goes according to plan…

If all had gone according to plan A, I would be in Hawaii right now. Obviously, it didn’t, and I’m not.
If all had gone according to plan B, I would be in Gosford, looking forward to spending time with my cousins, going to movies and shopping. It seems that wasn’t meant to happen either.
Instead, I’m stuck with plan C, which involves coming home four days into a two and a half week holiday and spending the remaining four weeks before move + school sitting around at home, completely bored.
We went to my grandparents house on Tuesday afternoon and on Wednesday had a ‘family Christmas’ with them. Thursday morning we packed up, ready to head to dad’s family in Gosford, when disaster struck and mum injured her back (bulging discs or something). She couldn’t sit down (well, she could, but it caused tears and whines), which ruled out a six hour car ride. Friday brought a present-less (we had opened everything on Wednesday), boring Christmas, which should have been spent at our cousins house. The highlight of the day was watching the Vicar of Dibley Christmas special. New favourite show? I think so.
Today we thought about heading to Gosford, but mum’s back was worse, so we settled with coming back here, to sit in boredom and heat, dreaming of Honolulu.
On the plus side, I’ll have plenty of time for posting 🙂

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. Hope all your Christmas’ and holidays are more fun and go more according to plan than mine did 🙂

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