Today was my last day at my current school. It still doesn’t feel real that we’re going, it just feels like I’m going on a holiday for a while and will be back come January 27th. But no, it’s the end.
I haven’t cried yet, and I almost feel bad. I got given a giant signature bear that everyone had signed at recess, but not a tear came. I can’t believe it’s actually happening. That tomorrow I’m going to officially enrol (dad’s friends with my new principal, so he’s got me unofficially enrolled already) and pick my subjects for next year. This time two weeks ago I was minding my own business, sitting in non-sport reading hp6, not knowing that a mere two hours later I would be told of the move, and in two weeks I would be saying goodbye to the school forever.
You guys probably don’t appreciate my constant posting/whinging about this though, so ima shut up now.
Golly non sport is boring. And cold. But I’ve almost finished hp7 (*tear* sad chapters coming up), and it’s lunch next so I get to eat.
DOLLY review later today, hopefully. That is, if I can find my momentarily misplaced copy…

frangipani princess xoxo

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  1. I moved away from my friends when i was 12… and ashamedly i didn't cry. I think to a degree i was in shock, because my parents blind sighted me with the move, and i had about three weeks, then i moved to the largest city in NZ from my small town. I still miss my friends, especially my BFF but we still talk to and see each long comment, but i just want to say i know how it feelsxxseli

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