’09 Obsessions…

So if I was to keep with tradition (see here and here) I should have posted this two weeks ago, but who really cares. Looking over the lists I have compiled in the last two years, my obsessions were obvious, but this year I’m having a bit more trouble thinking of things we have been obsessed with. Anyway, we’ll see how we go.
1. The Jonas Brothers. Let’s gt the obvious out of the way first. You all know how much I love these boys, so it really needs no explanation.
2. All Things Disney. To put it simply, Disney is just the greatest.
3. Taylor Swift/Tswift/Tsweezy/Tswizzle/Evil-Squinty-Eyed-Bitch. Uhm yeah, I’ve gone from referring to her as an evil squinty eyed bitch to being fully in love with her music and buying tickets to her concert (less than two months away!) in a pre-pre sale.
4. Josh Thomas. He’s just so epic. I was at a French class party this afternoon and I told everyone that he was gay, and my teacher almost started crying. See? It’s not just me.
5. Magazines. Probably my longest obsession, this year has seen it span into ‘teenie’ magazines to deal with my disney obsession. It has also led me to work experience at DOLLY, which was only the coolest thing ever.
6. Hating Twilight. I actually Laughed Out Loud when I re-read last years post and saw how obsessed I was with the crap that is the twilight saga. Hating it and bagging it out at every possible opportunity has been a much more fulfilling and enjoyable experience this year, as opposed to wanting to (*gag*) marry Edward last year.
7. JB3D. Toong and I went to see this the night it was released, and then two days later woke up at FOUR AM to catch a bus to Melbourne to see it another twice. Then we bought the dvd the day before it was actually released (thanks bourke st JBHIFI), and just for good measure, I downloaded it on iTunes so we could have it on our school laptops. Coolest. Music. Movie. EVER.

Yeah. Right now that’s all I can think of. This year has just flown, and obsessions all seem to melt into one. Comment me with any I’ve forgotten 🙂
What have been your obsessions this year?

frangipani princess xoxo

2 thoughts on “’09 Obsessions…

  1. Mine are quite similar: Jobros, JB3D(seeing it in the cinemas was magical, one of the best times of my life) and teenie magazines. I also have to add blogging(as it's new for me) and Etsy/Ebay buying.

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