Jingle Bells…

I looked at the calender today and realised that there were only twelve more days ’till Christmas. Twelve freaking days. I haven’t done any Christmas shopping, or written any Christmas cards. Heck, I haven’t even asked for anything because until the other day I was under the impression I would be holidaying in the US of A for the silly season.
I don’t think mum will appreciate me asking for too much, because many gifts just means much more to pack, and based on the houses we’ve looked at, my new room is going to be about half the size of my current one.
I have no idea what to get my friends either. I have bought most of toong‘s present, but lazily, everyone else is getting a whole lot of nothing at the moment. I’m going to Albury on Wednesday, I’ll find them something then. I hope.
What have you guys asked for/bought your friends this year?

frangipani princess xoxo

2 thoughts on “Jingle Bells…

  1. Coz I'm totally gonna tell you what I got/am getting you for Christmas. So far I have nothing for everyone else. And wait, does this mean you're not gonna be at school on wednesday?

  2. I made xmas cards for my group of friends and gave them each a little anklet that I bought, for my two close friends, one got a subscritpion to Frankie magazine and the other got a necklace off etsy(picture on my latest blog post), still need to find something for another one of my close friends though.So I'm pretty organised 😛

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