Moving Time…

On the Eleventh of December 2002 I found out we were moving to where I currently live. Today, exactly seven years later, we’re moving again. Unfortunately, not to Sydney or the coast, but to a much (MUCH) bigger town (40,000 in it, plus another 40,000 in it’s sister town on the other side of the murray. Bet that didn’t just make it super obvious where we’re going :P) two hours up the road.
It’s funny, mum always said that if a move was meant to happen, it would just happen, and I always scoffed at her, saying a move couldn’t happen unless we made it. Then, last Tuesday I came home from school and got told it was likely dad had this new job. We hadn’t been planning it, he hadn’t even put anything on his transfer sheet until earlier that day when an email from a friend higher up the education hierachy told him this school was coming up. The week before this happened, my brother, who was meant to be going to TAFE in another regional centre got told that the course he wanted to do was much better in the town we’re going to, so he and mum were going to be going over there one day a week anyway.And then the fact this has all happened so freakishly on the same date as the last move… As my mum would say, it’s simply meant to be.
I’m going to miss all my friends so much, and although I’m glad to be leaving the small ruralness of the town, I’m really going to miss the school. My new one has over one thousand kids (my current one has 480-ish) and neither of my parents will be teaching there. I’m losing all my ‘principals daughter’ priviliges and becoming a run of the mill new student.
I know it will be hard finding friends anywhere near as cool as my current ones, and now toong and I won’t be at the same school, we’re not only being separated from our best friend, but also from our ‘disney friend’.
I have no idea when we’re actually moving. We’re going house hunting tomorrow, so hopefully we find something. Mum and Dad are now talking about cancelling our American holiday (we’re meant to be leaving in two weeks) so we have more money for the move/new house and so we have time to move before school starts. That’s just a double whammy in my opinion, force me to leave all my friends AND cancel the holiday of a lifetime? Not fair, not fair.
Just thinking about everything I have to do before we go makes my head hurt. So much to pack and organise. And I bet mum will try and make me throw out all my magazines…

frangipani princess xoxo

5 thoughts on “Moving Time…

  1. miss you muchly my dear 😦 cant believe your leaving, you seriously wont find a rarer chick than me. 🙂 i remember the first time i met you when you rocked up at my house and we were automatically friends, and we went swimming. 🙂 your family and my family are deffs gunna be friends till the end, you have deffs impacted my life and your family has too. 😦 ill miss you.-Charlotte xoxo

  2. Sounds like your dad is getting an even better job. Congrats to him.I'm sure in your lifetime you'll go on better vacations than to SF. Moving to a new home, new town and new school is a much bigger adventure. Good luck.

  3. IF your mother makesd you throw out your magazines, just give them to me and everytime i visit you or you visit here we'll sneak some back to your house and she'll be none the wiser. Xoxo.. Toongen..

  4. Its an epic fail in my opinion, only coz we will all miss you so much.Dont worry about America. I am sure that you will travel HEAPs when you quit school.As long as you don't forget us and The Hole then I am sure it will be fun, and I wish you luck. Ello, xxoo

  5. well at least you're doing it before you start year 11(I think that's the grade you're going into next year…?) but that still sucks, you seemed to have a really good group of friends and I myself would much prefer a small school, mine has over 1600!

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