Walking around Newtown on crutches is not fun…

Well, debating was an experience. We ended up coming equal last eighth with the South West Sydney and New England regions, all on one win each. The North Coast won overall, undefeated. It was a very tiring three days, leaving at seven am on Monday and getting back at seven pm last night. I’m glad I went though, I learnt so much and will now be a much better third speaker.
The topics we had were:
‘That we should introduce performance based pay for teachers’ (negative, loss)
‘That we should raise the Learner driver age to eighteen’ (affirmative, win)
‘That we should ban political advertising’ (affirmative, loss)
‘That we should stop Australian tourists travelling to Fiji’ (negative, loss)
The Fiji one was the hardest by far. We had a first round bye, and of course, that’s the round where the main topic was ‘That we shuld respect celebrities privacy’, which I could have killed at!
At least we won one.
One of the teams had shirts that said ‘kiss my rebuttal’, seriously, nerd humour for the win.
I’m so glad it’s almost the end of term now though, I’m so tired and over school. We have our presentation night tonight, and I’m getting a few awards but can’t get up on stage. Oh the joys of crutches.
Anyway, regular posting will start again today, and I got the new DOLLY yesterday so you can expect a review soon 🙂
Hope you’re all well.

frangipani princess xoxo

One thought on “Walking around Newtown on crutches is not fun…

  1. Actually I think I'm quite glad that I'm not in a debating team, the topics seem to be like writing verbal essays, I think the whole thing would just make me stressed but you'd be perfect at it GG. Shame you didn't get the celeb one, you really would have 'killed' it!

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