Freak Out…

I’m off to the Junior State Debating Championships (Riverina for the win!) from tomorrow until Wednesday, and unsuprisingly I already have butterflies. I was on the website for it yesterday and reading through the schools previous winners have attended was probably not a good idea. They all seem to go to high level selective schools like James Ruse and Sydney Girls High. I’m a pretty insecure person, but it’s pathetic that my first thought was ‘Ew, major nerds. I’m going to hate them’. The only reason I thought that, I later realised, was because when they beat me I need an excuse (‘oh they’re epic nerds, hours of training. So loserish’ etc. Yeah, I’m not a very nice person sometimes).
But who even says they’re going to beat me?
Sure, I may just go to a little local high school where debating meetings at lunch time involve cake, donuts and Maddi calling our coach ‘one hot mamma’ (they’re likethis you know?), and I may have never met any of the members of my team, but I’m a good debater. I can rip a case apart pretty darn well, and if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have been selected to represent the region.
There are always going to be people better than me no matter what I do, it’s a fact of life. But it’s not just me. No matter who you are, or what you do, someone will always come along who is prettier, more talented, more successful than you are. You just need to learn to embrace your own successes, and be proud of who you are, ‘cos let’s face it, you can’t do much more than that.
I just need to watch these selective school kids debate, learn from their techniques and understand that hours of training (and probably lack of prep-time sing-a-longs) have contributed to their success. And hopefully kick their butts in at least one debate. Who knows, maybe I’ll even make epic friends with them, because really they won’t be that different to me. I know I’d want to go to a selective school if I lived near one. Omg, how hilarious would it be if one of the topics was ‘Selective Schools Are A Waste Of Time’. I have had it before, so it is a possibility…
It’s an experience, anyway.
Whatever. The point of this post was to say as I will be at Sydney Uni for the next three days, I won’t be able to post until Wednesday night when I get home.
Have a great start to your week everyone, and who knows, maybe I’ll see a few of you at the championships 😛

frangipani princess xoxo

2 thoughts on “Freak Out…

  1. Didn't have cake and donuts when I was on the team *sangry tanger*. We did however have prep time sing-alongs. Like when Charli and I were singing A Whole New World at the top of our lungs. Oops.Xoxo.. Toongen..

  2. well good luckk. i like your blog. its good. i saw it in dotty a while back.i have only just started mine, if you want to have a look/share any

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