I should be grateful…

We don’t live extremely close to a cinema, the closest one is about forty kilometres away, and even then it doesn’t get a lot of movies, we sometimes have to travel to the bigger cinema an hour away. That said, I still manage to go a fair bit. If there’s a movie on I want to see, chances are I’ll get to see it before it comes out on dvd. I had never thought about this, I just assumed everyone went to the movies a lot, but then mum came home from work the other day and told me about a girl in year eight who has never been to the movies. How does one go through life without going to the movies at least once?! I went for the first time when I was two, to me it’s just a part of life. I see an ad, think ‘oh, that looks cool’, ask my parentals and go.
Although I have always known I’m ‘lucky’ to some degree of the word for the way I live, I have always concentrated on those ‘luckier’, you know, the ones with cinemas INSIDE their homes, rather than those less fortunate, who well, have never set foot inside a cinema.
It makes me so sad (like genuine sad, not ‘josh thomas is gay’ sad) to think there are people living like this. It makes me sadder to realise there are entire countries of people who have never even heard of movies, at the cinema or otherwise.
Sometimes I forget just how lucky we are to live in a country like Australia, instead of one in Africa or the Middle East. We’re so lucky to have the opportunities we have, the rights we have, the general living conditions we have. I get annoyed if we don’t have fresh bread when I want a sandwhich, and that’s just plain selfish of me. I should be thanking God I am fortunate enough to know what a loaf of fresh white bread looks like instead of complaining the one in front of me is a day old. I should be amazingly thankful I can ring a number and order my dinner, instead of having to dig through rubbish bins for the smallest scraps. I should be appreciating every day I have in a large-ish house. A house where I have an entire room to myself. A room that some girls my age must share with their entire families. I take for granted the fact that I can wake up in a room with nearly two hundred posters of the Jonas Brothers and other Disney stars covering the walls, with five years worth of magazines lining my bookcase, get up and walk around a house that has air-con in the summer and under floor heating in the winter, that I can go to the fridge/cupboard and find something to eat, that I can ask to go see the latest release (Paranormal Activity. Paranormal Activity. Paranormal Activity. Chant it with me now) at the movies without a second thought, that I have a computer to write this on, heck, even that I have a school to go to. 
I spend my days complaining that I have to go to school, that I don’t have enough magazines, that the computer is slow, that my posters are falling down, that mum won’t let me see Paranormal Activity because I’ve been the movies the past two weekends.
I am going to start appreciating everything I have. I am going to thank God that I was born into the family I was. I’m going to stop being jealous of what other people have, and start being thankful that I have what I do. The things I complain about are so idiotic when there are other girls my age who fight to survive every day, just because their luck ran out at birth.
So, who’s with me? Especially at Christmas time, let’s think about those less fortunate, and try and help them have a better life. ‘Cos let’s face it, it’s only by God’s will that it wasn’t us, and who knows, maybe this time next year we’ll be living on the streets.
To tie this back to movies, go watch Slumdog Millionaire and see the absolute poverty those poor kids live in 😦

frangipani princess xoxo

5 thoughts on “I should be grateful…

  1. ^^^That makes sense.After reading your post I realise how selfish I am, in regards to Christmas. Christmas hasn't been that great over the past 2 years as my mum and I have been fighting a lot and it's made me quite sad; because mum wouldn't help me decorate the christmas tree, because mum argues with me about how to put up the decorations, because we're not going to the christmas paegent this year, because she didn't buy solar christmas lights, because we're not going to have the christmas cards sent out in time and because mum's not buying me the jonas christmas decoration. Even thought it makes me feel sad/mad/sulky/jealous because my christmas hasn't worked out well, at least I'm still going to have a christmas. Mum will still buy presents for me, she'll still give me money so I can buy my dad decent presents, we'll still have people over on christmas day, we'll still have nice food, we have a christmas tree, our house is all decorated in christmas knickknacks, mum's piano students will still give her amazing gifts that I can look at, MY friends will have received their christmas cards, she'll still give me money to make christmas tree earrings,etc,etc,etc. Even though my Christmas may not be perfect at least it's still going to feel christmassy.Poor families may have no decorations, not even a tree and have hardly any gifts. Then there'll be families who are screaming & cursing at each other on Christmas day, there'll be families where domestic violence is happening on Christmas day.Thanks for making me realise how thankful I should be about my Christmas/life in general, GG.<3 Shivi xx

  2. I know you're not a big fan of techno-y, computer-edited music, but you should listen to M.I.A.'s song 20 dollar. It's kinda related. I really like the lyrics to some of her songs.

  3. that was a meaningful post. ;)it's good to take a step back and just appreciate all the little things in life (even if they do not seem that great to you), because many kids do live in poverty and can't enjoy the same freedoms as we do. :(i had a similar realisation several times this year… sometimes when i had a really negative attitude towards school and studies, and just being all moan-y and complain-y about homework, i would think back to other kids in less fortunate places, where they would do anything to have the same opportunities as you and i do in our education… and it kind of makes me more motivated to study, and to make the most of the opportunity of education we are so lucky to have. 😉

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