Catch Up…

I’m currently sitting by myself in the school library during my French lesson. Normally, I would be doing French, but as the Distance Ed room has been moved to the ‘loft’, I can’t get to my work. I can imagine you all sitting there thinking “Why don’t you just ASK someone to get it for you?”, and I would, but my friend who does Distance Ed is on the phone to her teacher, and was before I got here, so I have to wait for her to finish. Oh, did I mention my teacher is going to ring in a few minutes and I was meant to have translations done? Whoops.
Today hasn’t been the best day organisation wise. My craptop has been playing up, so when I was meant to finish an English assignment and PDM task on Friday, I couldn’t, so my teachers gave me until today. I really was going to do it on the weekend, honestly, but then I went to Toong’s (who, incidentally, is in the VTR next to me watching what sounds like a thrilling movie in food tech) and then we went to see Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs (good movie) and by the time we got home it was time for glee (is it bad that I found the deaf choir hysterical? Probably. Whoops.) and then it was time for Bones, and then Castle (which is fast becoming my new favourite show) and then it was bed time. I, of course, woke up this morning and remembered all my work and spent the entire morning getting it done (involving restarting the craptop twice, and screaming at my USB). I got to school as the bell was ringing, and at the same time remembered I don’t even have PDM today so I spent all that time for nothing. Go me.
And now I’m sitting here.
The above acts not only as a distraction to the librarians (they see me typing and think ‘work’ not ‘blogging’) but also as an explanation as to why I have been  a very bad blogger and not posted for three days. My reports were due today (having the principal as your father does have its advantages) so my work load will go down to nothing, so I’ll have lots of time to post. Until Christmas that is. But you’re going to have to wait for that (super exciting for me) reasoning…

frangipani princess xoxo

3 thoughts on “Catch Up…

  1. Wow, you do distance education too!I'm guessing you do it coz you guys like in a remote town, I do it for economics but only because there wasn't enough people wanting to do the class so I opted to do it on my own, which I think has worked in my favour as I have my very own teacher, am able to work at my pace during classtime and I can write my own easy to read/understand notes and it's my only subjects, besides childcare(which doesn't count as it is so ridiculously easy, well maybe not for the class bimbos), that I'm getting an A in.

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