Gleeking Out…

I love Kurt. I’m currently blasting his version of ‘Defying Gravity’ on repeat (and getting increasingly annoyed at Rachel singing as well. Rachel sings in the majority of the songs on the album and this is Kurt’s only one. Let him have the main part already!) and cannot wait to see tonights ep.
My favourite episode of Glee is ‘Preggers’, where it opens with Kurt doing the Single Ladies dance, and continues to show him trying out for the football team and needing to dance before he can kick a goal. So darn adorable. I almost cried in ‘Acafellas’ when he admited to Mercedes that he was gay, and in ‘Preggers’ when he came out to his dad and even though he was super macho, his dad accepted him saying he’d known since he was three and all he wanted for his birthday (Christmas?) were some sensible heels. Such emotional, awesome scenes.
Scenes containing Kurt are definitely the most powerful in the series. In my opinion (and maybe it’s just because I have a brother with down syndrome), the only scene to match the emotional power of his ‘coming outs’ and being himself came in ‘Wheels’ when Sue went to visit her sister with down syndrome at a home and we saw a truly compassionate side to her for the first time.
Chris Colfer, the actor who plays him, is the youngest of the main cast at just nineteen. I’ve watched a few interviews with him, and he seems really down to earth and awesome. Like the actor who plays Mr. Shue, he too is gay in real life, and hearing some of his stories from high school (including the true story behind singing Defying Gravity in ‘Wheels’) makes you just want to reach in and hug him. And anyone who started the ‘Sue Sylvester’ TT on twitter has to be epic (for non-tweeters, basically everyone was tweeting ‘chuck norris’ jokes, but subsituting ‘Chuck Norris’ with ‘Sue Sylvester’. Chris tweeted ‘Sue Sylvester wouldn’t have let Taylor Swift finish’. Hilarious, right?).
I can’t wait to see how Kurt continues to grow throughout the series, and hopefully we get to see him sing a lot more 🙂
Who’s your favourite glee character?

frangipani princess xoxo

3 thoughts on “Gleeking Out…

  1. yay, another glee fan! *high fivei like all the characters; i don't really have an absolute favourite…oh wait, i do have a soft spot for emma, she's so cute. i wonder if anything really happens between her and will. ^^

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