What’s hot and what’s not…

Here’s this weeks What’s Hot and What’s Not. Comment telling me if you agree, disagree, or what’s currently making your list.

  • Taylor Lautner’s abs in New Moon
  • Tsweezy winning five awards at the AMA’s yesterday, including artist of the year, beating MJ
  • http://www.pwndiabetes.com/. Let’s forgive the way they spell ‘pone’, and all go buy JB fangirl shirts that support diabetes research. They’re hilario and relatively cheap. Thanks to Kerri-and-Eva for the notification of the website:)
  • Miley’s 17th birthday cake. Not as cool as her one last year, but still amazing
  • BBQ shapes with Mersey Valley cheese. Yum yum. I just need to be careful not to eat too much and end up hating it forever…
  • http://www.peopleofwalmart.com/ This is not further up the list because, well, some of the people are so hilarious I kinda feel sorry for them
  • This bipolar weather. One day it’s forty-three, the next it’s eighteen and raining, then hot, then cold… make up your mind please, I’m sick of packing away winter gear only to need to get it back out again.
  • Selena being forced to apologise for not watching Twilight. What about Miley? Double standards much?!
  • Justin Bieber breaking his leg on stage. Hey, he may not be my fave singer/person, but I still feel his pain
  • The person behind ‘Miley Save Fuzzy’ (http://www.mileysavefuzzy.com/) actually killing Fuzzy


frangipani princess xoxo
ps. To all those who asked what was up with Demi’s recent behaviour (hot or not last week), to put it in it’s most simple explanation (and there is a lot more to it) she knew Selena couldn’t come to her party and sent the tweet out of bitchiness and kind of ‘in-your-face-ness’. Email me (frangipaniprincesss@hotmail.com ) if you really want to know more.

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