An internet proposal…

Today I was on MLIA casually reading all the updated ones, when this post caught my eye:

My first thought was ‘awww, that’s so sweet’ and I decided to read the comments to see if she had accepted. Asking people out via MLIA is not new, heck there have even been marriage proposals, so I was not shocked to see this one. I was, however, shocked at the comments. I hadn’t realy paid much attention to the use of full names, I mean, lots of people take ‘newspaper’ class. Lots of people are named ‘Marlys’ and ‘Rob’. It only makes sense that they use full names to avoid confusion. Upon reading the comments, I discovered how outraged the readers really were. They were disgusted at the use of full names, to the point of finding their facebook profiles and messaging them to prove a point. They were, well, abusive towards poor rob. He just wanted to ask out his crush, and instead, got hounded by over a hundred strangers, and some not-so-strangers, friends of Marlys who belittled him, saying he wasn’t good enough for her.
I really want to know your opinion on the subject. Is being asked out over MLIA (or a similar site) cute or lame? Would you be upset if a nerdy/quiet boy from your school posted your full name on a random website for the whole world to see/stalk? If you were Marlys, what would YOU say?

frangipani princess xoxo

2 thoughts on “An internet proposal…

  1. I think it's cute, but a bad idea. Not only does it make it easy to stalk people, but who knows if Rob really did post it? For all we know it could've been someone playing a trick on Rob (or on Marly) or it could've been a big joke and these people may not even be real.Xoxo.. Toongen..

  2. I think its really cute :DIt could be dangerous with the full names but he didnt say where they were from or anything. it just means people who already know them will know all about it and I cant believe her friends said he wasnt good enough. he said he wasnt any good at asking girls out.Some people…lol šŸ˜‰

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