Tonight I’ll write for you…

“There is a time for everyone where they decide who they’ll become”
My sixth birthday. Mum bought me a copy of Barbie magazine (omg, remember that? I loveloveloved that magazine.) Even at six, I loved writing, and as I flicked through the pages I remember thinking that I wanted to make magazine’s one day. That it was my destiny. Fast forward nine years of “you’ll grow out of it” and the dream is bigger than ever.
“The leap of faith, the fight to want”
My thirteenth birthday (well, the week after). Starting this blog was the biggest ‘leap’ I have made towards a potential journalistic career. It was terrible to begin with, but it has improved with time, and I hope will continue to improve with more time. My ‘fight to want’ is convincing my parents that this is really what I want to do, that it’s worth the $$$ I spend each month on numerous glossies, it’s worth the trips to Sydney for work experience, that spending hours on here doing stuff for this blog is worth my time, that this really is beneficial.
“I know I’m not the only one”
Go to a blog written by a teenage girl and eight or nine times out of ten somewhere she will have written “I want to be a journalist/it’s my dream to be a journalist/when I grow up I’m going to be a journalist etc. etc”, and let me tell you, they’re not talking about working for a newspaper (well, some might be, but anyway…). Trying to get work experience is another eye-opener to how popular this career really is. I know Girlfriend is almost completely booked out for the first half of the year already. But I also know that it doesn’t matter how many other girls (and guys) want it, if you want it badly enough and are dedicated with all your being and have a never say die attitude, it is very possible to get it.
“it’s a long way up, but I won’t stop”
I don’t want to be just any magazine journalist, I want to be the editor. I remember being eight and telling my aunty that I was going to be the editor-in-chief of vogue one day, and although my lack of interest in fashion has killed that dream, the dream of overseeing a magazine is definitely still there. The problem with that though is you just have to look at any old masthead to discover that, well, it’s a long way up that career ladder. From workie to editor there’s at least five promotions needed (including the crucial ‘getting your foot in the door’ first job). Hard work, but I won’t stop until my dream has been fulfilled.
“I’ll sing write for the broken hearted
I’ll sing write for the dreams that won’t come true
The music won’t stop playing
Tonight I sing write for you.
I’ll dream about the place we I started
Hold on to the past I can’t undo
But the music kept on playing
Now tonight we I sing write for you
I’ll sing write for the ones who’ve fallen
I’ll sing writewhen there’s nothing left to lose
And I know they’re your dreams too
And I’ll sing write it all for you”

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. Quotes are lyrics from the Honor Society song “Sing For You”. I felt they really reflected my dreams and would make an interesting post. I was going to use pictures, but it was way too hard hahaha.

2 thoughts on “Tonight I’ll write for you…

  1. Hey :Di was just wondering if you could clue me up on how to get work experience at girlfriend?? i found the dolly one but im not having much luck with girlfriend.P.S. you're gunna be an editor 1 day.

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