‘New Moon’ Girlfriend Review…

When I first discovered that Girlfriend released a ‘new moon’ issue in lieu of their December one (which comes out next week) I literally laughed out loud. A new moon issue? So not worth my money. At least when DOLLY had one a few months ago it simply came with the regular issue. Fast forward three weeks and I was having Girlfriend withdrawal so I convinced mum to buy it for me, and I’m glad I did. Although technically a ‘new moon’ issue, twihaters such as myself can still get a lot from the mag.
The good:

  • I say this pretty much every month, but there’s just something about the Girlfriend layouts that I love. The ‘Broken Homes’ feature on page 52 has my favourite layout of the issue; it’s just so pretty! I think they’re simpler/quieter than the DOLLY layouts or something. I’m not really sure, but they’re amazing. I always read the bylines (who wrote the article) and this month I noticed GF is using a really cute handwritish font to write them. Adorable.
  • ‘Guydance with Dools’ is hilarious. This month he has a quiz to see if your crush is gay, where every ‘c’ answer is something to do with making out with guys. Very lol-worthy.
  • ‘A sizeable equation’ really amazed me. When I was looking at the four girls I assumed they were very different sizes, so I was shocked when I saw they were all a ten. It’s a really good idea to raise awareness for body love.
  • As I’ve mentioned in previous months, Sarah Tarca’s beauty blog is always one of my favourite parts of the magazine. This month she writes about what boys think of makeup, in a very funny way.
  • The article about online stranger danger is quite interesting, especially for someone like me who spends so much time online/talking to randoms. Not that I would ever meet up with them, especially not in an abandoned park or something.
  • As someone looking for a new phone (iPhone for my birthday? Yes please.), the article ‘Dial M for Mobile’ was very informative. It made me realise how much I hate living in the country where you can only get reception from two phone company’s, if you’re lucky.
  • ‘The Best Gift Ever’ was a really clever idea. It’s an article on blood donation, geddit? Vampires? Blood? Anyway, you should all go and donate blood, I plan to as soon as I turn sixteen.

The Bad:

  • It’s a New Moon issue. Need I say more?
  • The freebie was a 2010 ‘Man Candy’ calendar. And it didn’t even have the Jonas Brothers. I really don’t understand how anyone finds Rpatz attractive. I mean, he has greasy hair, always looks awkward and is just generally weird. How did he make it in? And then there’s this guy, Ian Somerhalder, that I’ve never even heard of. But that’s probably showing my lack of tv watching.
  • I never thought I’d say this, as it’s a personal favourite, but Rob’s Blog was just, well, boring this month. He talked about loving rom-coms, and most of the page was just pictures from said rom-coms. I hope it’s better next issue.
  • I can’t remember where I read it, but someone, somewhere mentioned the irony of GF featuring Demelza (from Australia’s next top model) in the main fashion shoot when they’re so anti-bullying and she was very publicly accused of it.

The Linkage:

  • http://bpddjeoomon.livejournal.com/289075.html. This made me laugh. A lot. It’s a website where the blogger has gone through the twilight movie almost frame by frame and made hilarious commentary. Pure genius.
  • http://www.girlfriend.com.au/ @GirlfriendMAG just announced via twitter that they have given their site a make-over, so go have a look and see what you think. It’s not insanely different, but it’s a nice change.

Overall, it’s a pretty good read, but I can’t give it more than a 7/10 because, well, it’s twilight/new-moon/who-really-gives-a-damn. Sarah Cornish’s ed’s letter is interesting, as although she doesn’t make any shock revelations about her twi-love a la Gemma in her final letter, she talks about Bella, well, being lame. I wonder if the GF team are faking their twi-love too…

frangipani princess xoxo

One thought on “‘New Moon’ Girlfriend Review…

  1. I actually thought this was their worst issue(out of the ones I've read anyway). All the boring romance/twi-shite drove me insane.I was actually really pleased they wrote an article on donating blood, until I realised the only reason they put it in there was because of all the twilight/vampire sh*t. They so wouldn't have put it in any other issue. Really wish they would focus more on content but anywho I still ♥ the mag.Have you gone onto GF's FB page GG? They often ask questions about stuff to put int he mag, and you can usually incorporate JB in your answer. Plus lots of readers put wall posts on their page saying what they want in the mag, I usually ask for more jonas stuff and like/comment on any other wall posts from readers requesting more JONAS-ness.

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