Hot Or Not…

One of the many suggestions I received in my survey was to do a ‘ what’s hot and what’s not’ list. I couldn’t think of anything better to post today, so here it is, this weeks Hot Or Not (or you know, Jonas Brothers or Short Stack) list. It will work like this. The word HOT will appear at the top, and NOT at the bottom. It will be like a descending order list, if you get what I mean. I’ll also colour code it, the darker red the hotter, the darker blue, well, the ‘notter’.
Monologue Song (lalala)
Waternelon Chupa Chups
Sing For You – Honor Society
Nick Jonas And The Administration
Neil Patrick Harris Getting Twitter (@ActuallyNPH)
Texts From Last Night
New Moon Release
Demi Lovato’s Recent Behaviour
Justin Bieber’s Album Release
Short Stack

What’s on your hot or not list this week? Do you agree/disagree with mine? Do you think I should do this regularly?

frangipani princess xoxo

5 thoughts on “Hot Or Not…

  1. Hey, yer the idea is really cool. I disagree with the new moon release though thats pretty hot atm, even though people keep going on about it and it gets annoying. What can I say it's got Taylor Lautner in it.

  2. Yeah, what's Demi's latest behaviour been like? Haha.But yes, I agree with most of them.Although I like Short Stack's MUSIC.. I don't really know much about them haha and the only annoying thing about New Moon is that its EVERYWHERE. I'm still gonna see it but yeah.You should soo do these more often :)Maybe make it like a weekly thing? Haha

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