The end of a (friendship) era…

EDIT: So I was bored, and decided to go over what went down between demi + selena. as one commenter has already said, maybe I’m over analysing, but this is not my opinion alone, it’s the general pop-culturish/disney/secrets opinion. so uh, yeah, make of it what you will.
It sucks when a friendship ends, whether it be because of a fight or a simple growing a part. You need time to mourn the loss and move on with your life, sans the friend. It’s even harder if the said friend is the one you referred to as your ‘best friend’, the one who had been there the longest and or/you were tightest with, who you would finish letters/emails/comments/text messages to with ‘bffs xoxoxox’. The one who you had the inside jokes with, who knew you better than you knew yourself. Now, imagine how hard that would be if it was played out in front of the world.
That’s what has happened to Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez.
The disney starlets who used to profess their undying love and friendship towards each other in interviews/twitter messages/thank yous/everything have barely mentioned each other in months.
When Demi’s sophmore album, Here We Go Again was released, there was no mention of Selena specifically, just a paragraph to her ‘best friends, who know who they are’. When Selena’s album ‘Kiss And Tell’ came out, there was a sentence dedicated to Taylor Swift, saying ‘for being such an amazing friend. I don’t know what I would do without you.’ but when it comes to Demi, her sentence came after Taylor’s and merely said ‘from Texas to here, we’ve been through a lot.’ Not exactly the best friend proclamations of previous times.
Other than that, they have not been seen doing anything together in months. No tweets. No photos. No videos like the past. Nothing.
Before Miley deleted her twitter, she and Demi were seen tweeting non-stop, declaring their friendship and how much fun they have to the world, so it’s not like she didn’t want open friendships. Selena was photographed out with Tsweezy numerous times, so she wasn’t being a friendship hermit. The friendship between the two just seemed to be over.
Then, last week, this tweet occured.

We all gasped. Could the friendship be back on?
And then we thought. It’s a very formal tweet, not like one sent between best friends. Also, if they were still tight, why wouldn’t they just ring or text it? If nothing had happened, wouldn’t it be expected for her to attend?
Then, the party tweets about other friends came out. Capital letters. Exclamation marks. Excessive ‘YAAAY’s’.
And we realise it really is over. The friendship that we had all based ours around. In the Disney fandom, it was not uncommon to refer to your best friend as ‘the Demi to my Selena’ or ‘the Selena to my Demi’ (not wanting to jinx my own, I changed my myspace to refer to toong as ‘the Abigail to my Taylor’). It really makes you realise that no friendship is immune to problems. No friendship will definitely last forever. As the Jonas Brothers say, “people change and promises are broken”, and even though you may seem to be ‘best friends forever’ you most likely won’t be, and sometimes it takes your favourite friendship pair to ‘break up’ before you realise it…
pic credit: disney secrets
frangipani princess (who really hopes to be best friends with her best friends for a long time) xoxo

4 thoughts on “The end of a (friendship) era…

  1. um. i think you may be over-analysing this… maybe demi and selena both mutually decided that they didn't want to play out their friendship in the public eye, because of their own reasons? :/

  2. honestly I hadn't noticed I don't particularly pay attention to celeb tweets unless that are tweeted at the times when I use twitter(which isn't hugely often). I hope it's not true though, I mean I thought they were what people dreamed for in a friendship. I didn't think it would ever break, their friendship was the one that I secretly wanted to have with my own friends.

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