November DOLLY Review…

As teen girls around Australia began reading their November issues of DOLLY this month they learnt two important things before the features began. Not only was it editor Gem’s final issue, she admitted to never reading the Twilight Saga (don’t blame her!) and only recently viewing the movie. To most, this would seem a crazy thought; DOLLY is filled with Twilight every month, surely everyone in the DOLLY office loves it, but if you think about it you realise it really couldn’t be further from the truth. Twilight is a (badly written) teenage novel. The DOLLY girls are twenties plus and care about good writing. Not exactly a perfect fit. Of course though, Twilight sells, so the mag must keep featuring it, as we see by this months (scarily similar to GF’s) cover shot of Kstew and Taylor Lautner.
I really liked this issue, but I’m quite terrible at reviews so I’m just going to do three headings, ‘The Good’, ‘The Bad’ and ‘The Giggle Inducing’. Here it goes.
The Good:

  • Even though it was (another) Twilight Cover, the actual Twilight/New Moon/Whatever I don’t really care coverage inside was kept to a nice minimum.
  • There’s a massive Body Happy Summer Special. Being Body Happy is super important to teen girls, and the way this is written makes it easy to understand and start doing.
  • There are numerous Disney mentions, well maybe five, but still it’s something. This includes an entire article entitled ‘Bonus Jonas Syndrome’ with a full page pic of JB + Frankie.
  • Said ‘Bonus Jonas Syndrome’ feature. I really like it, not because of the references mentioned in the above point, but because it’s about living in a sibling’s spotlight and has an entire section on having a disabled sibling. I really appreciate the fact that DOLLY has mentioned ‘sibs’, because we’re often neglected in the scheme of things. They interviewed ‘Sibling’s Australia’ creator Kate Strohm for it, who I have met and am incidentally participating in a ‘siblings workshop’ after school on Monday. If you are a ‘sib’, you should talk to your school about setting these up. They’re heaps of fun and really help.
  • The FYI section. I love this, because I finish reading it having learnt heaps of relevent (and random) facts and information.

The Bad:

  • It was another Twilight cover. ENOUGH ALREADY.
  • I feel like I have seen the ‘Nylon Nation’ fashion shoot before. I’m most likely just going crazy though.
  • There were way too many real girl reads. On top of the normal section (which included six stories this month) there was another true story feature ‘The Summer That Changed My Life’ which included another four reads. Ten reality reads is just overkill.

The Giggle Inducing:

  • In the ’11 Ways To Be A Top Friend’ feature (which is super cool and gives a reason for each letter of ‘best friends’, clever no?) there is a quote from Demi about her tight friendship with Selena. Uh, DOLLY, Demi and Selena aren’t really friends anymore, in the future maybe pick a more appropriate quote?
  • While I was on work experience at DOLLY they were doing the final drafts of this issue (spot my name in the workie section :P) they had to ask me whether ‘the boy with the Jonas Brothers’ was really their brother. Well, yes, yes he is.
  • The sealed section. This month it was entitled ‘Secret Girls’ Business’ and about, surprise surprise, periods. What made it funny was the fact that it just involved real quotes from a book called ‘My Little Red Book’, which well, just contains said period quotes. I’m sorry, but who even comes up with an idea for something like that?!

So as I mentioned at the start, this was quite an awesome issue. It comes with some super cute sunnies (and a weird hat) which, as usual raise the price to $7.95, but it’s still worth it. I give it an 8.5/10, mainly losing points for the millionth Twilight cover this year.

frangipani princess xoxo

2 thoughts on “November DOLLY Review…

  1. I thought that Demi and Selena were still good friends.. coz Demi tweeted her the other day asking her if she'd make it to her party or something..Anyways, haha, great review :)xxx

  2. I'm about to punch myself right now for opting to buy the GF issue over the Dolly one. If you're NOT into twlight then the latest issue of GF is the WORST one ever! Half is twilight nonsense and the rest is all these pointless romance articles(like how to tell a guy by his phone and other pathetic issues).

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