Today, while extremely bored, I discovered some folders in the corner of my room. I remembered them as my magazine clipping folder which is full of old ed letters from girlfriend (where I have just secured a weeks work experience for next year, although I was surprised to discover it’s located in Redfern?) and dolly (who has just welcomed a new editor, Tiffany Dunk, as well as Emma Vidgen being named ‘one shot division editor’. Read all about it here. Oh, and I’m also going back there next year for more work experience :D) as well as interesting articles from years gone by. I was a dedicated ‘collector’ of these things for my folder until (according to my final folder) around the time Gemma became editor of DOLLY, so like two years ago. Whoops, I really meant to keep it up.
It’s really interesting going through three or four years worth of editors letters and articles and seeing how the mags have changed. It was obvious to me why I had kept most of the articles, but some left me shaking me head in confusion. I’m really not that into beauty, so why did I save five million beauty pages?
I love seeing how mags (well, pop culture in general) change; how they go from obsessing over Mischa Barton and The Veronica’s to Kstew (well, twilight in general) and Miley, how the layouts change, how the writers change, just the evolution in general. It makes me want to achieve my ultimate mag-editing goal even more, and makes me thankful that not only can I afford to buy numerous magazines a month, but that I have a talent for writing (not trying to sound up myself!) and I am in the position to be able to go to Sydney and do work experience. Even if it means braving Redfern…

frangipani princess xoxo

6 thoughts on “Mag-Obsessed…

  1. aww that's so cool that you've kept all those clippings from magazines =]in redfern? seriously? i don't live in sydney, but I know enough to know that refern is horrible. what a weird place to have your company….

  2. redfern?! geeeeeeeeeez :|i wanna try do dolly work experience next year.. i walked past the office when i was on work experience at house & garden earlier this year. but we ended up being on the wrong floor haha coz i was being taken to help out at cosmo advertising.i wanna try girlfriend too :)xxx

  3. I keep articles and posters, ads and pretty pages. I ahve that big shoebox which takes up way too much room on my desk. I cut out anythign that interests me. I only have like two editors letters though. One from Sarah O and one from Bron.Xoxo.. Toongen..

  4. wow, you've been incredibly busy, doing the rounds with work experience with the magazines! 🙂 last year, i had a vague desire to become a journalist too, so i did work experience at this newspaper-magazine office called spress (maybe you've heard of it?), but afterwards i decided it was not for me. :/whem you do work experience with dolly/girlfriend, do you get to write articles and contribute to the mag? i'm just curious…

  5. Gosh, I wish I lived in Sydney. I would love to be able to do work experience at the magazines, what an amazing opportunity. So do you miss school for it?(And are your schoo ok with that?)Also do they give you an certification at the end of the work experience to prove that you did it/include in a resume…?Never heard of Redfern, I'm guessing it's the equivalent of Perth's Northbridge.

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