Home Sweet Home…

Well, I’m home. I’ve brought with me six screws, a plate, a backslab/bandage ‘cast’ and a crap load of pain, but I’m home.
I didn’t expect the operation to hurt so much. Call me a sook or ignorant, but freaking hell it was pain like no other. I was on a morphine drip for a while, but it ended up making me sick, so I had to stick to panadol. Yay.
Anyway, enough of the negativity. It’s currently day three post-op and the pain is beginning to subside. Hopefully by Monday it’s barely noticeable. A girl can dream you know.
This is just a post to say I’m home, well enough to get back on here and I’ll resume normal posting again tomorrow 🙂

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. Big snaps to Tsweezy for winning Entertainer Of The Year at the CMA’s today (which I spent three hours watching hahaha) as well as the other three awards she was nominated for 😀 Can’t wait for February 😀 

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