Kiss And Tell Review…

When I heard Selena Gomez was releasing a CD, I was aprehensive to say the least. Although I knew she sang the Wizards theme song, I thought of her primarily as an actor and shoved her to the ‘failed disney singing stars’ section of my brain where she could chill with Mitchell Musso and Emily Osment. I’m sorry, they’re just not that talented. My aprehension grew when I heard she wasn’t releasing an album by herself, she had gained a band and named it ‘Selena Gomez and The Scene’. Soon after I heard the album was called ‘Kiss And Tell’ and when I saw the album cover, that was it; it was an official laughing stock and I wasn’t going to take anything on it seriously.

I wasn’t planning on buying it, I was thinking I’d likely get the songs off toong at school or something, if at all. I was at DOLLY when it was released and I was talking to awesome deputy/entertainment/acting editor Emma when she said I could have the copy she had received (thanks a million!) and I wasn’t exactly going to say no. So I had it in my possession, but until today (almost a month later) I hadn’t listened to it. I had heard one or two songs, and let’s just say as far as I was concerned my first impressions were pretty much spot on. But now I’ve listened to it in full and am ready to review it.
When it comes to acting, in my opinion Selena runs rings around Miley. The same can not be said for her singing talent. Heck, I wouldn’t even say she was in the same league as Demi. But she’s not bad. Way too computer generated and techno-popish in my opinion, but not bad.

Her first single is Naturally, and it’s probably the most ‘mainstream’ song on the album, as in if you heard it on the radio you wouldn’t assume it was a Disney star. You might not even realise it was a teen star. It’s alright, but I wouldn’t have picked it as the single.
Personally, the only songs I really like are The Way I Loved You, which is the least techno-ish song on the album, I Don’t Miss You At All, although it has some annoying keyboarding, Stop and Erase which is like something you would find on Demi’s album ‘Here We Go Again’, I Promise You, which is a sweet song and Crush, which has a really awesome beat.
Kiss and Tell (the song) is terrible. As is Tell Me Something I Don’t Know, Falling Down, More and I Got U.
The other songs (As A Blonde and I Won’t Apologise) are merely ok. Nothing special, but not completely terrible.
The album is not one I could listen to the entire way through; I would have to skip past way too many songs, but it does have it’s good points. I wouldn’t buy the CD, not yet at least, wait until it comes down in price. If you really think you’d like it, go on iTunes and listen to the previews before you buy anything. I know toong loves Kiss and Tell, but as I mentioned above, it’s probably my least favourite song on the album, so we all have different tastes.
I’d give it 2.5 stars, but in the future Selena, do us all a favour and stick to acting. Oh, and use one of the amazingly gorgeous pictures from inside the booklet as your cover instead of the odd one you picked.

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. Do you have Kiss And Tell? What do you think of it?

4 thoughts on “Kiss And Tell Review…

  1. I listened to the 30 second excerptson itunes and I wasn't impressed, I much prefer the stuff she did on the Wizards soundtrack- it actually showed what she could do with her voice!I might buy it(with my parents money of course) off itunes just for the heck of it and delete the really crappy songs or just buy the songs that have good sounding 30 second excerpts.I actually really like Falling Down & Tell Me Something I don't know. From what I heard KiSS&Tell sounded absolutely horrible. You are so lucky to have got the CD for free, I wish I lived in Sydney, it would have been amazing to do work experience at Dolly.How did they find out about your blog? Did you email them about it or something?

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