It’s here…

This afternoon mum and I are going to Melbourne. We’re stopping in Shep to get the Glee soundtrack (kinda disappointed the mash-ups aren’t on it) and sharpies then continuing to Melbourne and going out for dinner at one of our favourite Thai restaurants in Chapel St. And then tomorrow morning I’m getting up and going to hospital. It’s come so soon, from a few years ago when I first was told I may need this operation, to three months ago when I found out I was having it for sure, to getting the date, to it being tomorrow. I’m not 100% sure what the operation involves, but I know it involves breaking my leg and re-aligning it. I also know I will be on crutches for six weeks, crutches for longer and have a big scar. Oh, and I get two weeks of school, but I have no idea how painful it be, when I’ll be able to get back to almost normal life, when I’ll even be able to venture down the street on crutches without totally stacking it.
Story time.
When I was seven or eight, a girl in the year below me broke her leg. She got crutches and people signed her cast and all that jazz, and I was jealous as anything. Weird, I know, but I wanted to break my leg so badly. I would do everything to try and break it, but of course, I had bones of steel that wouldn’t snap. Looking back, I know how lucky I am not to have really broken my leg back then, but I can’t help but wonder what my little seven year old self would think of this operation. She’d probably think it was awesome.
The only ‘awesome’ part I can see is I get a lift key at school (score!), I get out of sport and I finally get to read lots of books I’ve been meaning to, like Mamamia: Memoirs of Magazine’s and Motherhood by Mia Freedman, The Alchemist, Toong (and Joe Jonas’!) favourite book, and finally finish my Harry Potter reading spree (yes, still going. I know I’m being slow). My amazing friend Mallory is also supplying many dvds, and maddi is bringing the Life Of Brian, if she remembers to take it to my dad tomorrow.
The point of this post is to say I don’t think I’ll be able to post for a few days. I’m not sure what the computer/interent situation is like at the hospital I’m going to, but it’s not likely I’ll be able to post. I think I’m coming home Wednesday, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to/want to post as soon as I get home. I promise I’ll be posting again by Thursday. Hopefully before, but yeah, I’m not really sure what’s happening.
Ooh, before shot time! This is what my legs look like this morning:

See how when I stand my feet don’t point forward? They’re doing the right leg tomorrow
This is more comfortable for me than standing with feet pointing forward (aka, normally)
I’ll post some ‘during’ shots later this week (as in cast etc.).
So yeah.
I guess I’ll see you all later this week.
Wish me luck :S
frangipani princess xoxo

10 thoughts on “It’s here…

  1. Oh my! I hope it all goes well frangi! Over at my blog I've tagged the awesome blogger award (cos you're an awesome blogger). When you have the time, fill it out and pass it on!Cat xx

  2. GOOD LUCK!!I hope all goes ok.Will be thinking of you<3Gonna miss your blogging.And your so lucky to miss out on sport! Hahahaha, I hate it with a passion :Pxx

  3. Frang. I'm afraid you're going to become someone who hurts a lot for quite a while. Too bad they couldn't also make you an inch or two taller while straightening things out a bit. Anyway; I pray for the best and I hope your friends bring you lots of books to read.

  4. hi I LOVE YOUR BLOG its so cute! BTW: i am just starting a blog about my fave TV show, (charmed) and i was wondering if you could please help get it popular! (when its finished, of course!) thanks so much, Dom, xx

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