A new leaf…

While going through survey results (keep them coming guys, they’re really helpful!) I noticed that many of you said I am quite negative/hard on myself.
I don’t mean to be, and this is going to make me seem negative/hard on myself, but everyone is just well, better at most things than me. If you knew me you would get it, I’m not the prettiest, the sportiest, the most creative, the best at maths, the best at science, heck, sometimes I’m not even the best at English. But guess what?
From today, I’m making a positivity pledge.
I will not post about how terrible I am at things, how much better/cooler/more popular everyone else is or even how much I hate sport. Ok, maybe I’m lying about the last one, but I’m not going to do it regularly any more. I promise to only do it if I’m having an exceptionally bad day and nothing else is working, but even then I’ll try not to.
I owe it to you guys as readers. You don’t come here to hear me whinge about how terrible my life is, you come here to be entertained, maybe to be taken away from your own crappy days. Don’t worry, the rants are here to stay, but no more posts like ‘whinge whinge I’m such a loser, why can’t I be awesome at everything? Whinge whinge.’
To kick start this, I want to share some awesome news:
I passed gymnastics!
Some of you may remember my post a month or so ago about failing volleyball (and baseball :S) so far this year in pdh prac. Well, today we did our gymnastics assessment (my final prac assessment of the year) and I was expecting to fail spectacularly. I managed to fall over after most parts of the routine, my favourite being the move where I lay on the mats for a while after a particularly bad crouch hold (or something :S), but at the end of the day, I got 15/25, which is 60% and a total pass! Not a good one, but a pass nonetheless. It’s a cause for celebration!
Have you guys ever made a positivitely pledge? If so, why?
I think Girlfriend has a positivitey pledge thing happening over at their site at the moment. Somewhere does, anyway, and it’s a really good idea. Positivitey is so important amongst teens (and all people) and it’s something I’m only just realising. As you all have pointed out, I can be quite the negative nancy, so, here’s to a new, more positive, frangipani princess!

frangipani princess (who could have written an entire post on her first cold of the warmer months, but decided to write this one instead) xoxo
ps. There will be more posts regarding your survey results (as in, ideas you’ve had, feedback you’ve left) and some new sections because of it. Thanks heaps (major frangi snaps, thank you emails will go to those who left addresses when I’m home sick next week), but I want more! Greedy, I know, but of everyone who read that post yesterday, only a quarter filled out the survey. I pinky swear it takes five minutes, tops. Please? http://frangipaniprincess.questionpro.com/

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