Things I thought about today…

Sometimes I like to just randomly think about things. It’s actually more wondering, I guess, and today as I was walking around the lake I started thinking about a lot of stuff. So, I wonder:

  • If anyone from my school other the few friends I know about read this blog
  • If anyone I went to primary school with back up the coast still remembers me
  • Why it’s so hot when it’s only the first of November
  • When the drought is going to break
  • If anyone actually reads the bullitens I waste my time filling out on myspace
  • Why we have no ice in the freezer
  • If I’m going to ever be game enough to watch 2012 before 2013
  • If the hospital is going to have pink fibreglass for my cast
  • If I forgot anyone on my blog roll (comment if I did!)
  • If I’m going to be able to wait after my operation (another whole week!) to read Mia Freedman’s book, which is just sitting in my mum’s room
  • If I’m going to pass my maths test on Thursday. I hate algebra
  • Ditto for the Commerce test on Wednesday
  • How embarrassing it’s going to be when I’m announced as the only girl that ran who missed out on getting on the SRC
  • How many of my 100-odd hits a day actually read everything I write here
  • Why more people don’t comment – I promise I won’t bite!
  • Why things have to change
  • Why I have to be tone deaf
  • Why Sirius had to die
  • If I’m a good Christian
  • Why ‘pornbots’ keep following me on twitter
  • Why my parents decided to have roast lamb on a night that is literally thirty-six degrees

And more. I have a very busy mind, as you can see hahaha. What do you think about?

frangipani princess xoxo

8 thoughts on “Things I thought about today…

  1. Just for the record, I'm someone you don't know and I've been following your blog since I came across it in Dolly. You've even inspired me to create my own…once I work out what I should write in it. I'll let you know once I start one. We seem to have a fair bit in common.

  2. I'd like to ditto with anonymous in saying that I've been reading your blog since the Dolly issue and it inspired me to have my own blog that is really about just random stuff actually lol but yeah I'm really grateful for that so thanks!Oh and btw, I think about heaps of random stuff too!=]xx

  3. awww, frangi, have faith in yourself! i'm sure you have a good chance on getting on the SRC!! :Di wonder about the first point too… i've put up my link to my blog on my facebook and twitter, but i don't think anyone really clicks on them, hahaha.and about commenting: sometimes i get really lazy about it (pretty bad, i know!) or i can't think of anything meaningful to add… but i do read most posts, don't worry! :Dxps. thanks for including me on your blogroll! i feel so honoured! šŸ™‚

  4. Wow thanks so much for putting me on your blog roll! When I saw your blog in Girlfriend or Dolly (cant remember which), that was why I started blogging!Cat xx

  5. Yeah I'm with the others, I really got into blogging after I saw your blog Frangi! You're an inspiation to us! Be Proud!It is hard to get people interested in one's blog but I think if you work at it, it eventually will pay off. I find if you follow other people's blogs and comment on them you usually egt a couple of new people looking at your posts, so it's always good to discover new blogs. Plus I think advertsing a blog in every single nook and cranny is always good(another blogger wrote out her blog's URL in chalk around her school!). Also being activiely involved in different internet sites, that display your blog is another way for people to see it.Honestly I don't know why I'm telling you this, you've been blogging a lot longer than me. I just like to think I've aquired a nice amount of followers in the short amount of time I've been blogging. oh, back onto the whole thought thing. JB are on my mind a lot, the fact that I hate WA and a lot of stress/axiety about school/future. And the internet.

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