I want to be a doctor…

Sometimes, I want to be a doctor. Actually, five days out of seven I will have the urge to be a doctor, to be able to make a difference in someones life, to be able to make someone better again. Usually, this urge comes after watching Scrubs, but sometimes it’s just random. I really want to become a dermatologist and open up a centre just for teens, with brightly painted walls and cool magazines. Like a pediatric dermatologist.
The main (and only) problem with this is I pretty much hate all forms of blood and gore, if I see vomit/someone vomiting I will vomit and sickness makes me sad. Pretty much the ideal doctor candidate right? If only becoming a dermatologist didn’t involve normal med school and years as a GP. If I could skip straight to the skin stuff, it would be amazing.
Sometimes I don’t think I hate blood as much as I have made myself believe, and then I see a kid fall over/run into something/smash a window at school and bleed and I remember that yeah, I really do hate it that much.
I guess I’ll have to stick to journalism. As far as I can tell, there’s not a lot of bloodshed there…

frangipani princess xoxo

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