Taylor Swift just keeps getting more and more amazing. She has just released her Platinum Edition of Fearless, complete with six new songs (I think it was six, anyway). They’re all pretty cool, but the piano edition of ‘Forever and Always’ and ‘Superstar’ are my favourites. Funny how I get drawn to the two rumoured to be about Joe (well, Forever and Always definitely is, but anyway), but they’re just so awesome. I liked the regular version of Forever and Always, but the piano version just makes it 230894732589365 times more epic. And Superstar is just the story of my celebrity obsessions, except for the fact I don’t really know them…
Anyway, listen and comment telling me what you think 🙂

Forever And Always (Piano Version):

Sorry if they randomly get deleted, copyright claims often happen on youtube…

Ahhh I can’t wait until February!

frangipani princess xoxo

6 thoughts on “Tsweezy…

  1. Jump then Fall is about Joe. Gong by the 'Last summe rwas magical' and people in DS. I like those, but I'll have to listen to them all more. Speaking of, Ima go watch the Fifteen video, only saw it like once.Xoxo.. Toongen..

  2. I LOOOVEE Superstar. It's been on repeat for like 5 days now. Listening to the piano Forever and Always right now.. and you are 100% right. It makes it even more epic than before! Hahaha.xxxx

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