Chuck’s Life Less Serious Champion Challenge…

We all know I’m not exactly the most creative person on Earth. With words, I’m pretty good, but hand me anything and a glue gun/paint brush/sewing machine and I lose it. So when I was emailed asking to take part in the Chupa Chups Chuck’s Life Less Serious Champion Challenge, I was a bit hesitant, I mean, what was I going to do? After a while, I decided that a chuck doll and box of chupa chups was too much of an exciting deal to say no to, so I emailed away my acceptance. Today I received a giant brown box with the Chupa Chups symbol printed all over it. It contained a Chuck doll, 50 Chupa Chups, a Tshirt and instructions on how to enter.
I uhmed and ahhed before going to the gym to continue to think. While there, a Death Cab For Cutie (who were cooler when Seth liked them) song came on channel V with scenes from New Moon. That was it, I realised! Chuck already had random looking eyes, and Halloween is this week; I could make him into a vampire! Of course, having the idea and actually making it happen were two completely different things. I sat at my kitchen table for nearly an hour and a half unwrapping lollypops to get enough to make the cape. Of course, unwrapping them now means I have a ziplock bag full of blackberry Chupa Chups, just begging for someone to eat them. After the hilario commercial, I will post the finished product, and seriously, forget Edward Cullen, Chuck is the real sexy vampire. I’d let him bite me any day, especially if I gained his love of Chupa Chups instead of a love of blood…

And now we can all see why I failed art and basically failed textiles. Woo. Amazing talent, right here. Chuck still makes anything look stylish.
Good luck to whoever wins, some of the entries I’ve seen are amazing.
frangipani princess xoxo

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