Assumptions aren’t always correct…

So I thought today was going to be a pretty terrible day, I mean, it was starting with a science test and ending with pdhprac! Thankfully, however, I was wrong. Maybe it’s the universe rewarding me for the crappy day I had on Friday, maybe I’m just lucky. Anyway, I got to school and did the usual ‘go to canteen and order cheese toastie with toong’ thing, and then chilled with my friends, sharing with them the news of Joehawk 2.0 (What? You didn’t know? It’s back. See here). The bell was about to ring when my commerce teacher came over and asked toong and I to be readers for the year ten trial school certificate exams. Not only did we miss out on the science test (though we have to do it tomorrow during commerce) we also miss out on prac. Yay for us. It’s currently 11.03am and so far I have sat in the sun and then the library and checked 2078723957 blogs and gossip websites (with a bit of reading in the middle). I guess my lametop really isn’t that lame after all. I am going to use the free time to revise for the stupid test, but thankfully my friends will do it today and be able to give me hints on what the A questions are. But shh, don’t tell my science teacher 😛
The only downside is I’m super duper hungry (breakfast and I don’t exactly mix) but I have to wait like another half hour or forty five minutes for the (first half) of the test to be over before I can eat. Damn. The recess bell just rang. Now I’m really hungry…

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. Did anything good happen to you today?

4 thoughts on “Assumptions aren’t always correct…

  1. Holy cow! Joehawk 2.0 ???I'm not sure what to say!, It doesn't even look like Joe!I was really loving the curly hair too. Gaaaah! (look what you've done to me GG! I won't be able to think straight for the rest of the day!)

  2. i was actually wondering whether you were going to mention the we had our yearly exam block today and the first thing my friend tells me before we go into our maths exam is "JOE HAS GOT A NEW HAIR CUT LIKE THE ONE HE HAD BEFORE LIKE IN 2006-07 WHEN HE LOOKED REALLY CUTE!!"and i'm sorry, but i could not focus for the rest of that exam.just saw the pictures and it looks SO GOOD!love are so lucky, i wish i could get out of my exams.

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