"Oh she’s just being Miley"…

Ok. I’m sorry. I’ve stood back and ignored this for way too long, but I am no longer able not to comment on Noah Cyrus. This is what she wore to a Halloween event this weekend:

 SHE IS NINE. NINE! At nine my mum would have as much let me look like that as fly (to the moon, by myself, with just a cat and some stale chips for company). What were her parents thinking? Ok. Why did I even ask that? Her parents probably encouraged that outfit. Where are DOCs when you need them? But honestly, if she looks like that at nine, what’s she going to look like at sixteen? She’s wearing what Miley wears now, and we all think that’s bad for a sixteen year old. Somebody needs to give her some ‘kid friendly’ clothes, like shorts and a tshirt, or a skirt that actually covers her bum.
Unfortunately though, it’s not just Noah. When I was at DOLLY, I had to go through newspapers finding things that would interest their demographic. One article was about the sexualisation of pre-teens. It had some pretty scary figures, like six and seven year olds are having parties at beauty salons, some nine and ten year olds are getting brazillian waxes, and by fourteen some girls have had twenty sexual partners. TWENTY! I know I’m only fifteen, but I’m sure when I was that age none of that happened, and if it did, it was just in the minority. How has so much changed in like eight years?! Do mothers these days just want little versions of themselves? Why are they so willing to let their children do all this stuff that used to be restricted to (late)teens and adults. WHAT HAPPENED TO JUST LETTING KIDS BE KIDS? To having a ‘tomboy’ stage and thinking boys had cooties? When did this happen? WHAT HAPPENED?
So many questions. So few answers. Please tell me I’m not the only one who finds this inappropriate and quite disgusting…

frangipani princess xoxo
pic credit: http://oceanup.com/2009/10/25/noah-cyrus-is-a-halloween-dream

2 thoughts on “"Oh she’s just being Miley"…

  1. I never had a tomboy stage. And Noah… just no. I was looking at Miles To Go Yesterday, Miley wasn't like that at nine. I'm guessing it's not *just* the parents(although you know my opinion of them), but Hollywood. Miley wasn't like that at nine, but she was also a nobody in Tenesse then, Noah however has spent half her life in Hollywood, with the biggest teen star in the world as a big sister.Xoxo.. Toongen..

  2. I saw this earlier today and had the same reaction. but seriously, why make something like THAT in a tiny size like that? or otherwise they got is esp made or some crap like that haha. a few months back i read in the papers and stuff about that. and they're all getting spray tans and stuff like that! by the time they're 16 they'll be stained orange 😉 haha.what has the world come to?xx

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