On a scale of one to ten, today was -320894701273234…

A remedy for a crappy day.
Cry. A lot. And not just a few tears, full on sob. Sob until you feel like vomiting.
Take a leaf from Harry Potter and eat chocolate. A lot of it. Don’t stop at a few squares, eat the whole block if you have to!
Listen to your favourite songs. If your me, that involves a whole lotta (mainly old school) Jonas Brothers, like Underdog, Hold On, Take a Breath, Turn Right and Black Keys. Avoid anything about happy days and true love. Taylor Swift also works here, but avoid songs like ‘the best day’ and ‘love story’, they’ll just make you more annoyed.
Cry some more. Why not?
Read a good book. It’ll take your mind off your life and take you to another world where your problems don’t exist. Try to avoid ‘happily ever afters’ and thrillers, as they will either scare you or make you cry harder wishing for your own.
Have a long, hot shower (or bath). It’s impossible to get out still upset (or at least upset to the degree you were when you got in).
Sleep. Wake up to a new day, and realise it’s pretty much impossible to have two totally crap ones in a row.
Repeat if desired.

frangipani princess (who had a really crap day) xoxo
ps. What do you do when you have a bad day?

5 thoughts on “On a scale of one to ten, today was -320894701273234…

  1. Run. Though I know you hate that. Bourbon is nice – but you probably don't do that either. You've written – that's probably the best – but I think weird humor is the way to go with that. Yesterday was Weird Al's birthday – you could have written a song for him.By the time you've gotten done with that you'd have forgotten your 'other' day.

  2. Nice tips.Let it out, either writing, crying, drawing, anything.don't bottle up.chocolate is good.:)and books. :)music can be but often songs remind me of times and make me sad.xx

  3. I walk around the lake. I know I hate when I'm forced to do that, but it's nice just walking around, thinking. Around this time is good coz it's not hot anymore.I also prefer showers to baths. Sitting under a hot, hard shower and crying.Xoxo.. Toongen..

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