I have a new career…

Today I discovered my amazing ability to draw in paint, like the computer program. It really is spectacular. The discovery was extremely accidental, I was working on my science summary sheet when I discovered there was no wireless connection available (I was on the lametop). I uhmed and ahhed for a few moments, before discovering to try my luck at paint. My talent was obvious from the moment I opened the program. I began to draw my Earth (the question had asked me to draw a labeled diagram of the different levels of the Earth (we’re learning about earthquakes and volcanoes and stuff), and my teacher walked past and asked me if I had really drawn it myself, as it was that good. I finished drawing my Earth, and started to explore other options. I discovered the ‘insert shape’ section, and decided to put a love heart on my diagram, because, let’s face it, we all need to love our Earth. I was scrolling through the rest of my options when I discovered the most amazing thing ever to be discovered on paint. It was a lighting bolt. Toong and I had a minor teenie attack, before I decided that my Earth just wasn’t complete without Harry Potter standing by it, making sure it didn’t accidentally delete itself. Of course, Harry only made my drawing more epic (if that was even possible), so now this simple piece of work is so fabulous it should be on display somewhere important. Like the Louvre.
After I completed my masterpiece, I did some more of my summary, but nearing the bell I decided to try my hand at another work of art. Taking inspiration from my original, I decided to draw a scene from Hogwarts. I think it’s quite spectacular, I even managed to include a snitch.
When I was drawing it, Toong made fun of the fact that Harry wasn’t in the middle, so I had to make it a scene of Harry going to play quidditch, rather than the three of them just hanging out. I was going to make it Ron and Hermione’s wedding, where Harry was off to the side as best man, but as amazing as they are, my talents don’t quite extend to drawing wedding dresses.
Forget being a journalist, being a paint drawer extraordinaire is my new chosen career. What do you think? Do I have potential, or what?
frangipani princess xoxo
ps. Uh, for those of you who didn’t quite pick it up, I’m not being serious. I’m about as good at paint art as I am at real art, and we all know I failed that in year seven and eight (well, I would have if my friend didn’t do all my work for me).

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