Tag, you’re it!

The absolutely amazing kerri&eva have tagged me in the Honest Scrap. Basically, I have to post 10 random and truthful things about myself, and then tag people at the end.

1. The smell of seafood makes me extremely nauseous. Growing up on the coast, we would always go to fresh seafood shops and one of my clearest memories from when I was little (I would have been about four) is running out of the shop and almost vomiting. Yum yum. Even last year at Christmas when I was asked to get the prawns out of the fridge I only made four steps before being sick. Yeah. Me and seafood, we’re tight.

2. I hate milk chocolate. I can only eat it if it has a filling, but even then it makes me feel sick. White chocolate does the same, although that is from eating it in excess. Dark chocolate for the win, seriously.

3. I like things to be perfectly planned and organised. I seriously start having mini panic attacks if things are just left to see what happens. Everything needs to have an itinerary and be perfectly structured so nothing can go wrong. If there’s a ticket needed, get it in advance. If we have to stay somewhere, book the accommodation before we go. If we’re visiting something, triple check opening hours. I don’t like leaving things to chance.

4. My biggest fear is time, and not having enough of it. It always has been (yeah, I know I say stairs and falling are my biggest fears, but this is different. I suppose it’s more of a worry?). It’s not that I think I’m going to die soon and won’t get to achieve anything, it’s more that time just goes so quickly these days, blink and you’ll miss a year. I hate it. I just wish it would slow down so I could enjoy being a teenager. It feels like yesterday I was planning my thirteenth birthday party, and here I am, less than five months away from being sixteen. It scares me.

5. I eat a cheese toastie every day for lunch.  Even though half the time I don’t feel like it by the time it gets to lunch. The canteen workers now just write down our order (toong does the same thing) as soon as they see us walking towards them of a morning.

6. Today I played the mcdonald’s game, and for the first time ever didn’t go bankrupt. Massive achievement. We played it in commerce today, and I made $800,000, but it took me fifty five years and my teacher helpfully let me know that wasn’t much at all. At least I didn’t have to start again a million times like some other people (*cough toong and maddi cough*)

7. Given the choice, I would happily live on tacos for the rest of my life. Nothing beats a taco (or burrito). Actually, I lie. I’d live happily on them for a few weeks and then get sick of them and never want to eat them again. Just like I’ve done with all of my previous favourite foods.

8. I’m a cyberchondriac. If I get the tiniest symptom, I will google it and convince myself I have cancer or another serious illness. It’s quite frustrating, because I know I really don’t have the diseases/conditions, but I just can’t stop doing it. I’m addicted to convincing myself I’m seriously ill. Is there a cyberchondriac’s anonymous?

9. It makes me physically sick and I have to turn away when people bite paddlepops. Weird, I know. I think it has something to do with the fact that it is extremely painful for me to do it, so I get sympathy pains when they do it, even though it’s not hurting them.

10. I absolutely hate having photos taken. I am the most unphotogenic person ever to grace this earth. While most girls my age have myspaces full of ‘selfies’ or random pictures with my friends, my albums are full of just my friends. I always end up looking like some scary swamp monster, with different sized eyes, crazy hair and a generally hideous face. I swear a part of the camera dies every time it has to shoot my face.

So they were pretty terrible truths, but ohwell, hopefully the people I tag will do better. I tag:
toongmaddichell, angela and cat.
Enjoy 😛

frangipani princess xoxo

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