guess who’s back?

Hiya guys 🙂
I’m back. I didn’t have any internet access while I was away, well I did, but the lametop wouldn’t let me on blogger. Yay for internet filters!
Anyway. I quite possibly had the most epic week ever at Dolly. Everything was just so much fun, and I learnt sosososo much. I definitely want to go back next year. Everyone who works there are superduper nice, and yeah, it was just amazing. We got to do so much writing and I only had to do one lot of photocopying and two coffee runs, not that I would have complained if I had had to do more. If you’re thinking about going, you should definitely apply, even if it is just to eat lunch at the David Jones Food Court every day (seriously, best. food. ever).
I’m still pretty tired, driving all the way to Wagga last night and then home this morning, and after last week school on Monday isn’t exactly looking fun, but ohwell.
Ohmygosh. Dad just came home with the mail and tswift tickets have come! So excited! And I now know for sure that my second operation is AFTER the concert, so I can definitely go. yayayayay.

frangipani princess xoxo

One thought on “guess who’s back?

  1. your so lucky!i had work experience a few months ago at house and garden magazine (dad had connections, also coz theyre the ones who said yes first, coz i applied for dolly too) and its in the same building! haha. it was fun, although they were all so busy coz ofcourse my week happened to be deadline [just my luck!] lol.glad you had fun :]xx

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