He almost looks partly bald in person…

So I’m home 🙂
Yesterday was the most epic day ever. Toong + the brother + I went shopping in the city, and decided to go to JB Hi-Fi to check if they would have JB3D today (release date). Not only did they have it, they let us buy it a day early. We were so excited. We, of course, watched it as soon as we got back to our apartment, and if possible, it was almost radder than seeing it at the movies. Mainly because they added A Little Bit Longer, which was so emotional, even if dad was standing there saying ‘What is this weird song? Why is he crying?’. He wasn’t crying by the way, but most of the audience was. I almost did when he said ‘this song’s for all the broken hearts etc. and would have if they had shown his entire speech. He’s so inspirational 😀
Then last night, of course, was Josh Thomas. Toong and I were the youngest there by a few years, but we still had awesome fun. We didn’t get to meet him, because he was having a ‘meeting’ with the Fringe Festival Officials after the show, and we couldn’t be bothered waiting in the freezing cold, but his actual show was amazing. He’s just so funny without even trying. His show was just an hour of anecdotes that really wouldn’t be funny if anyone but him told them, but just the awkward way he tells them makes him hilarious.
We saw Arj Barker as well. Well, we didn’t see his show, but we saw him at the venue, if you know what I mean.
Back home now, and will be tomorrow and most of Friday before heading to Wagga and then Sydney. Hectic holidays.
What have you all gotten up to?

frangipani princess xoxo

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