Think of hell. Multiply it by 12094789265. Now you have my first two periods of today…

Last year, my debating teacher told us the neater someone’s handwriting, especially on the chalk/white board, the less intelligent they are, and that’s why pdh/pe teachers have super neat and legible handwiritng. She was joking, of course, but I do believe there is a lot of truth behind it. I mean, doctors have the messiest handwriting out, and pdh/pe teachers think physical education is more important than academic achievement. Who sounds the most intelligent to you?
Today, just to be evil, my geography teacher made us do pe. And then, the next period, my pdh teacher decided that he would change our theory lesson to a prac one. That’s two lessons of pe IN A ROW. On a day we’re not meant to have prac at all. On the last day of term. It was my own personal hell. We have a ‘prac’ pdh/pe teacher at the moment, and he kept saying to toong and I ‘Well, you guys obviously hate sport? Why? It’s so much fun! Better than english and those other indoor classes!’
I honestly don’t know what planet he grew up on, because sport is definitely not more fun than what we did in english today (watch the pacifier and play on our lametops).
If I was this teacher’s parents, I’d be very disappointed in myself. Not only is he becoming a pdh teacher, his big sister is also a pdh teacher at my school. Where did they go so wrong to end up with two pdh teachers as children? Quite seriously, my heart goes out to them…

frangipani princess xoxo

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