October DOLLY Review…

I bought DOLLY on my way home from school yesterday, and randomly opened it, straight to a double poster of The Jonas Brothers. I’m embarrassed to say, I did squeal. It didn’t matter what else the issue contained, they had made the effort and acknowledged JB’s growing Aussie fan base and that’s more than enough to win my vote.
The first (and only) bad point I came across while reading this issue was the fact they called Joe Jonas a ‘bad boy’ in their ‘Good Guys vs Bad Boys feature’, simply because of the whole T-swift 27 second phone call thing. It was a year ago people, and she hung up the phone and refused to answer any more calls from him. Her fault for complaining about it, not his. Ok, so they do say some really nice things about him and finish with “we’ll let you decide”, but he should have joined Nick in the Good Guys half of the spread.
The (quite bizarre) first feature is ‘Super Furry Animals’ about girls (and guys) who dress up as animal alter-egos. It’s interesting, and informative, but weirdly hard to get your head around. Why would someone want to dress up as a cat?!
‘Generation Text’ annoyed me to the max, mainly because it used text-speak in it’s examples. Well no duh, but I don’t see why people can’t take an extra second and write out ‘mate’ instead of ‘m8’ or ‘to/too’ instead of ‘2’. Serious pet peeve right there. But if you look past the literal text-speak, it’s a fun text deciphering dictionary (as in, what he means when he sends you ‘blablabla’ etc.’
I always love the guy vox pops DOLLY has (this month it’s ‘what’s your idea of an amazing first date?’), mainly because they manage to find quite a few hotties. This month is no different, and they asked Matt Werkmeister and James Sorenson (from neighbours). I hope get to see at least one hot guy (or celebrity!) while I’m on work experience there…
Last month, Girlfriend had a career/hsc/future guide. This month DOLLY does, and honestly, I think their timing is so much better. They managed to release their October issue, shock horror!, the day before October, and have all the future stuff around the time senior students are really thinking about it. I especially love their resume guide, it’s so clear and easy to understand. Plus it’s mainly pink, which is never a bad idea.
‘www.young&rich.com’ is an interesting look at teens who have made millions through online businesses. I’d read two of the stories before, but one (http://www.emogirltalk.com/) was totally new to me.
The ‘hookingup’ section this month is on interracial relationships, and has lots of real stories, vox pops and celebrity examples. Although the story has been done numerous times before, this is one of the best versions I’ve seen. I think it also has one of the nicest layouts in the issue.
In the YourSpace section, there’s a poem about work experience, which, of course, just made me even more excited for the 12th.
A very attractive *cough* picture of Joe accompanies the OMGconfessions, and the caption made me rofl.
The final feature of the issue (there were many more than I have mentioned, but yeah, they weren’t worth mentioning/I couldn’t be bothered) is ‘Stop The Body Bashing’. I love the layout of the left hand side of the double page spread, but again, there’s just something about the right hand side. It’s just not as aesthetically pleasing as GF’s or something. Anyway. The actual written content of the article is interesting (seriously, can someone send me a thesaurus or something? I swear that’s the 309472358097th time I’ve used the word ‘interesting’. Sorry guys :S) although the 6% of polled readers who said they never make bitchy comments about the way people look are obviously lying.
Hahahahahah I just realised something hilarious. Up until now, DOLLY has been doing what Girlfriend does and putting out the say October issue out at the end of August etc, so this time last year, the November issue was out. I just found my review of the November 08 issue, and guess what? Miranda Kerr was on the cover with a blue and yellow colour scheme. Hm. This month, Miranda Kerr is on the cover… with a blue and yellow colour scheme. Original DOLLY, original.
Anyway, another awesome ‘freebie’ this month in the form of a Roxy Duffle Bag. The price is inflated again, at $7.95, but it’s worth it.
I give the issue an 8.5/10. The (almost) repeated cover and layouts brought the ratings down, but the JB poster, references and interesting articles brought it back up.
Buy it, even if it is just to get some JB onto your walls…

frangipani princess xoxo

3 thoughts on “October DOLLY Review…

  1. I just went to buy this and they didn't have it, so I bought TV Hits. Then I went to the supi to see if they had it, but they didn't either! FMLXoxo.. Toongen..

  2. I loved the new cover on the latest Dolly, tons better than their usually crapfests of a cover. I wasn't planning on buying it but after reading your review I think I shall! Ta!

  3. Toog mentioned the SHORT STACK poster on the back. At leat I think she did…. Or mabey that was the one with HP guys and short stack. Oh no! I can't remember now. Anyway, I have a word to use instead of "intesting". CAPTAIN RAD!! Rad as in RADical. And no, it doesn't have to be in Caps Locks.Luurve Ello.

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