November Girlfriend Review…

Girlfriend seems to have gotten the hint this month that without freebies, they’re not going to sell many issues. Especially with competitor DOLLY offering such ‘presents’ as hair straighteners, iPod speakers and duffle bags in the past months. This month, after the last few months without anything, Girlfriend offers readers a ‘beach bag’ and sticky notes. Dream big!
I wasn’t actually going to get this issue, it’s the annual celebrity made issue and they always annoy me, but then someone on twitter told me it had a story on Nick’s diabetes and an ad for JB3D. Way to get me to buy your mag GF.
Once I actually bought it, I was glad I had. There’s just something I love about Girlfriend page layouts, as compared to DOLLY’s, or other magazines. Actually, maybe just DOLLY’s. They’re just so cute and easy to read.
Content wise, there wasn’t a whole lot this month, well, there was, but it was stuff we’d seen before. There was also the Love2Shop section, which significantly thickens the magazine, but has nothing that really interests me. Not saying I don’t like fashion, I just prefer to read Shop ‘Til You Drop or Vogue for that aspect of my life.
They announced the Girlfriend  Model Search short-list in this issue, but quite honestly, and no offence if you know one of the girls or something, none of them are exceptionally gorgeous this year. Sure, they’re pretty, but there’s just something that makes them kind of odd looking in a way. I don’t know, maybe that’s just the way models are supposed to look these days.
I can’t be bothered doing a feature-by-feature run through, but I will say the only real amazing highlights were the many JB references (not just the above mentioned, there were lots of little random ones as well :D) and the fact that Matt Werkmeister (Zeke from Neighbours) mentioned Scrubs in his section. A lot. He just got so much cooler in my eyes…
Overall, it is a worth while read. Hold on, I just noticed while looking for the price, the cover ‘reality check’ says:
Co-ordinating the 45 celebrities who appeared in this issue took more than 1500 hours, 360 cups of coffee, 240 phone calls, 45 interviews, 10 late nights in the office, 6 photo shoots and a truck load of chocolate
Normally it just says ‘It took three professionals on photoshop to get Hayden (covergirl, btw) looking this beautiful’ or something, so it’s interesting to get an honest, real insight into the magazine and the thousands of hours they put into each issue. I really can’t wait to (hopefully) work in a mag like GF when I finish school… Next time they should do a real interview with The Jonas Brothers though, not just take an excerpt from his speech to Congress…
Ok, back to where I was.
I just noticed that it has a slightly inflated cover price this month, $6.95 instead of the usual $5.95. I’m not sure the extra dollar is worth the ‘freebies’ but whatever. For a celebrity made issue, I give it 8/10. For a regular GF, maybe a 6/10 ?
Buy it, if you are interested in reading what celebrities have to say, or if you have $7 burning a hole in your pocket…

frangipani princess xoxo

One thought on “November Girlfriend Review…

  1. I didn't realise until I read the mag(after I told you on twitter)that the Nick article was just an excerpt from his speech, and they took miley's story from her book. I was a bit peeved but still, at least they're increasing their 'disney' content. I totally agree with you though on GF's layout, it totally aces DOLLY's!

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