This is really random. I don’t think it makes much sense. But read it anyway…

Sometimes I wonder what you all think of me. I mean, you’re taking time out of your day to come here and read my random ramblings, but do you ever think about who I am? What my life’s really like? Whether you’d be my friend if we went to the same school? Maybe you find me odd. Or you could just be coming here to laugh and make fun of what I say, as I know some people do.
Sometimes I wonder who you all are. If you’re my age, older, or younger. If you’re male or female. If I know you. How you found my blog.
Funny story time:
The other day, I came home from school and started going through all the tweets I had missed throughout the day. All of a sudden I saw one replying to me.
As in Fake Joe.
And the best part?
He’d read my blog. And my post about them. And thanked me for it.

It almost beat meeting Elmo in my weekly highlights.
So yeah, I wonder if you’re Fake Joe, a blogger, a journo, a student, a check-out chick, someone totally epic, or maybe you’re a criminal or a general epic fail.
I don’t know.
I know that if I ask you to comment, nobody will and I’ll end up with a sad post asking for comments and getting none, so I’m not going to do that.
It interests me though. For all you know, I’m a fifty year old obese man, with nothing better to do than pretend to be a teenager weirdly obsessed with the Jonas Brothers and magazines, and yet, you still read.
If you think that, then I really want to know how you found me out, but you know, we can talk about that over some kinky webcam  then I’m sorry to let you down. I’m just an average fifteen year old girl who loves to write. If you went to my school, chances are we wouldn’t be friends. Unless you know, you love the Jonas Brothers and hate sport as much as I do. Actually, both of those are optional, but intense love of things aimed at people much younger than you and/or a love of HP is not.
One reader told me the other day that she wished she had my life because it was so interesting.
I’m sorry if I’m giving you the impression of an interesting life. My life honestly is as boring as anything. Most days the highlight is having the canteen lady get me a chocolate milk without me having to ask, because she knows I get one every day. See how interesting that is?
Other days I spend eight hours on here.
If I’m lucky I’ll go to the gym.
Or on really exciting days, the supermarket *gasp*.
I blog because it lets me find like minded people. People who allow me to tell the stories I do on here, come up with the post ideas I do, @ reply to on twitter and comment on their blogs to fill in the long hours between school and sleep. It also lets me get my writing and ideas out there, and even though most of the time it’s terrible, sometimes I strike gold and get opportunities, like appearing in DOLLY earlier in the year.
For all I know, you guys are really the fifty year old men, but lets face it, you’re all way too epic for that. I’ll never even know most of your first names, but today, for those of you who don’t know it, I’m going to sign off with mine. We may never get to meet, and the only words you ever read of mine may be this, but it’s something, and I thank you for taking the time to be a part of my (extremely boring) life, and hope you continue to for as long as I keep blogging.

Georgie xoxo
ps. ew. My name looks so gross there. Maybe I should just write gg? So sticking with frangipani princess, anyway.

10 thoughts on “This is really random. I don’t think it makes much sense. But read it anyway…

  1. It does looke odd for you to sign off with Georgie. I remember you telling me about that chick you thought you had an interesting life on one of those really boring days we nap in the sun. OH yeah, you're thrilling.Xoxo.. Toongen..

  2. Aha!Try as you might, you'll never unravel all the mysteries of the internet. Take me, for example. I'm just a mystery, wrapped in a riddle, placed in a box (with a hot dog), and then wrapped the a ribbon of wonder.Aha!:) Total Mystery Person

  3. hey georgie!haha, that post was very deep and meaningful.if we went to the same school, i don't think we'll be close friends, on account of me being in the year (or two) above you (i'm in year 11, you?)… but i might see you around sometimes in the corridors. 😉 but we could, you know, bond over our hatred of sport (well, not really hatred, i don't mind it… so maybe dislike of it) and a love for harry potter (YAY!). i don't mind the jonas brothers, really… 🙂 i like "when you look me in the eyes" and "lovebug". but i love tswift more!!!!!i like reading your blog because… it's interesting (honestly, it is!). i like reading personal blogs in general actually; i think there's something fascinating about reading a complete stranger's life and thoughts and blah blah blah.keep blogging!!x michelle

  4. Well my story of how I came across your blog GG is quite boring. I found it when you wrote about how you got into the Dolly mag on the JB aus forum. Whic you probably knew anyway. Also, I'm female(in case you haven't guessed) and 15 years old. And I too hate sport and love the jonas brothers. I probably wouldn't be your friend as I'm a year older than you but if I was the same age and we sat in the same group at school or someone introduced me to you, I'm sure we'd be BFFLs! 😀

  5. Well, I pretty much saw your thing in DOLLY. Saw the line about Jonas Brothers, and had to come check it out :)Then, I figured we have a fair bit in common. (Disney love, sport hate) Then, we talked on Twitter and MySpace and all that other cool stuff and tada 🙂 web friends.I'm with whoever up there ^ said we probs wouldn't be friends because I'm in year 11, and you're in year 9. But I'd still talk to you at school if we bumped into each other between classes.Hopefully JB get off their butts and tour down here and I can finally meet you :)I used a whole lot of :)'s in that comment. Oh well. I'm happy :D<3 Chell

  6. I agree with them^^^ if we went to the same school we would totally not be bffs. Even though we share almost all oru classes, and interests (and dislikes. so not doing prac on friday. we don't join with other classes do we?) and are already bffs. Lol..Xoxo.. Toongen..

  7. HeyyYeah I understand how you feel, you never know who's reading what you write… *shifty eyes* lolWell I'm female and 15 and I found your blog through Dolly lol and you inspired me to start my own blog, so thanks for that!! :)And I agree, sport sucks. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of T Swift and JB (more of a Green Day fan lol), but Disney is the coolest thing on the planet!Thanks for having an awesome blog and making me lol every time I read it! :)xx KaityPS. Georgie is a really cute name! 🙂

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