A bit of a catch up post…

Hiiiii there amazing readers. Sorry I’ve been slightly MIA lately. Hahah, that’s almost MLIA, which is an extremely rad website. Anyway, it’s the last week of term, and yet I have super evil teachers who insist on making assignments due this week, or giving us in class tests. Woo.
I just finished one of the assignments, a tv script on a natural disaster. Mine turned out to be over 2000 words and six pages. I think everyone else’s are like, two pages. What can I say? Once I start writing, I just can’t stop.
Actually, my last two things are due tomorrow (the other being an in class minimum 500 word essay on Deadly Unna? and Australian Rules. I’m so going to crash and burn. I really should be studying my notes now. You owe me, guys), so then I should be free to post. Until Sunday at least, when the fams (and hopefully toong!) and I are going to Melbourne for a few days.
I almost forgot to share my super exciting news!
Toong and I are going to JOSH THOMAS on Tuesday night!!!!
I am beyond excited. He will be there, in person and just adsfjeysds;dlfk. I can’t wait to come back on Wednesday and tell you how epic it was. How epic he was. And all about my JB3D dvd, which also comes out Wednesday (7-10-09). You should get it too.
Then I’ll be back for three or so days, before heading to Sydney for
Work Experience at DOLLY!
I am so pumped for it. It’s going to be the greatest experience ever, and hopefully just a taster of what my future career is going to be like. Just to be there, in the same office as some of my career idols. Just woah.
Gosh these holidays are going to be good.
Sorry, rad readers, you’re the one’s that are missing out in all of this, but fear not. I’m having my operation in early November (I think) so I’ll be home and bored out of my mind for two weeks, so you can expect a lot of catch up posts. Although I may be trippy on pain meds, so beware, I’m warning you now…

frangipani princess xoxo

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