We received our laptops ‘learning devices’ today. You know the ones k-rudd promised to give to all year nine students? Anyway. At first I thought they were going to be pretty cool, I mean, they had rad as software and looked kind of cute, and they were free. As soon as I got it home though, I realised just how crap it was. Technically, it’s perfect for what it is meant to do: school work, but the government has made sure that no fun can be had on it at all. It’s one thing for websites to be blocked at school, it’s kind of expected, but to block every half decent website when we’re at home, using our own internet, that’s just lame.
I’m currently trying to get movies from iTunes onto my USB (oh, did I mention they totally lack a cd drive?) so I can then copy it onto the laptops iTunes as, and this is just my internet being stupid, it’s not letting me connect to the iTunes store. It’s so much fun -.-
My PDM teacher told me today his didn’t have solitaire. The only good thing about these silly things are that he was wrong…

frangipani princess xoxo

4 thoughts on “lametops…

  1. I have figured out a way to unblock myspace etc. on the laptops. Google 'dot mobi'and one of the results wil be a mobile phone emulator, click on that, and from there, you can run myspace.

  2. Hey Frangi 🙂 I seriously love your blog, +Plus, you’re epic.You know, you should be glad about having received your laptop already. Because I haven’t.My school was supposed to hand them out back in August, but the government continuously pushed the date back, and now everybody must wait until November. It’s horrible. You’re incredibly fortunate.xx Peppercorn Swirls

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