Can I have Miley’s Prince Charming?

I love this. Even though I’m happy to share with the entire world that yes, I have never had a boyfriend, been kissed or had anything vaguely romantic happen to me, I’m coming to an age where you get judged if you haven’t at least hooked up with someone. It’s pretty darn stupid, I mean, have you seen most fifteen year old boys? It’s not exactly a pretty sight. And yet, if you don’t ‘hook-up’ every weekend or have a new boyfriend every week you’re labeled as ‘frigid’, ‘ugly’ or a lesbian. Seriously? Way to be creative teenagers of today. It’s funny, because those very name callers get called ‘sluts’, ‘skanks’ and ‘desperate ferals’ by the ones they make fun of. Not by me, of course, but by others. I’m not saying you can’t find love at fifteen, or sixteen or however old you are, I’m just saying that it shouldn’t be such a big deal to not have been kissed by your mid teens. I know we live in an era where most ten year olds have steady boyfriends, but honestly: THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH NOT HAVING BEEN KISSED. I know so many fifteen, sixteen and seventeen year olds, and older, that haven’t been kissed, and they’re some of the kindest, most awesome and epic people you will ever meet. I was talking to a guy the other day, and somehow the topic of relationships and partying came up. I freely admitted I don’t party and have never been kissed, and he freaked out. He made it seem like the biggest deal in the world, and for a whole second I had a flicker of doubt, a voice in the back of my mind saying ‘hold on, what if there is something wrong with me? What if everyone but me has been kissed and I’m just some weird boyfriendless freak who’s going to die an old maid’. And then I found this picture, and it says it all:

Although Tswift did get kissed at fifteen, in her song of the same name there’s a line that says:
‘back then I swore I was gonna marry him someday but I realised some bigger dreams of mine’
At fifteen, being ‘in love’ can seem like the biggest deal in the world, but really, it’s not.   The world may seem to be over if you don’t have a boyfriend, but your heart will get broken. It’s likely you’re not going to marry the boyfriend you have now. People will judge you for having ‘the wrong boyfriend’ or too many, or not enough, of them. They’ll pay attention to how long the relationship lasts, and how long before you hold hands, kiss and possibly take things further. Being in a relationship in high school leaves you open to judgement by everyone. Love at fifteen isn’t all fun and games.
Most of the boys at my school think I’m weird because I dream big. They laugh when I tell them I’m going to be a magazine editor and leave this town as soon as I can. They don’t believe me when I list the things I want to achieve in my life. To me, like the  quote above says, having these dreams, and hopefully accomplishing them, is so much more important than having a boyfriend. I know that one day, an awesome guy is  going to come along, and he will love me big dreams, crazy obsessions and all. It’s going to be my personal fairytale. I believe it with all of my heart. There is someone out there for all of us, and even if you do have to kiss some frogs (or maybe not kissing the frogs will be the case) on the way, your prince charming will be at the other end, and he won’t give a damn whether you had had your first kiss at ten, fifteen or if you haven’t had it at all. Trust me.
frangipani princess xoxo
ps. woah. sorry if that sounds kind of resentful, like ‘I don’t have a boyfriend so I’m going to make having one seem crap’, or anything. It’s not meant to be. It’s just a kind of random post brought about by the images featured.

8 thoughts on “Can I have Miley’s Prince Charming?

  1. I didn't have my first kiss till I was 17. I was with her for nine months before it happened too. We hadn't hardly even touched each other but once we had that first kiss… we started kissing A LOT!

  2. it doesn't make having a boyfriend crap hehe. your post is so true in so many ways. im fifteen and i have my first real boyfriend and he respects me and neither of us have ever kissed anyone but each other! i think its just the case of finding the right person, rather than how old you are:)awesome awesome post!Courtzxxx

  3. hey! just wanted to say i like the two pictures you posted, with the lovely quotes. 😉 and yes, i second the "there's nothing wrong with not having been kissed" bit. so true! i'm 17 and have yet to experience my first kiss. many of my friends (also of the same age group) have yet to be kissed too. after all, what's the hurry? ❤

  4. You don't call them skanks? *Sceptical (sp?) face*. Anyways, I'm afraid I just can't choose with all the lovely guys linig up for me. I therefore find it better to just not disappoint any of them.

  5. You go girl!Its kind of like the Pussycat Dolls (God help us)"I don't need a man to make it happen, I get off being free!"If you truly believe that you will do what you want to do, then don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise!"Don't stop, belieeeving" hahaha :)xx

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