I met elmo :D :D :D

The most exciting thing ever happened at the Melbourne show today:
It was so cool, we went way teenie and were jumping up and down and screaming. Be jealous, seriously. How many of you can say you hugged elmo?
Melbourne show was pretty good, the only ride we went on was the Merry Go Round but still, it was epic fun. Most kids on the excursion spent like $80 on rides, I spent it on showbags. I ended up with the Cleo, Madison, Camp Rock, WWE (for brother), Thins Chips and some chocolate ones. It was way heavy, but way worth it.
Ooh, we had this epic ice-cream as well, I forget the name, toong will hopefully comment it, something Dots maybe? Anyway, instead of scoops, it was mini balls that melted in your mouth. Absolute genius. If you ever see it, buybuybuy!
On the way home, we started bluetoothing random photos to kids on the bus. It was pretty much the most fun I’ve had in a while. Next time you’re in a public place, try it and end up in hysterical stitches. The funniest part for us was one boy kept complaining about it, but then ended up being the only one accepting. He’d say ‘WHO IS SENDING THIS! STOP NOW!’ and then accept four more. Idiot. Amusing idiot, but still.
I only wish we’d thought of doing it at the show…

frangipani princess xoxo

3 thoughts on “I met elmo :D :D :D

  1. LOL!!Your so right! Ima green-eyed monster. Grr.But, I got to hug the Giant Foxtel Remote Guy!! And I high-fived me about 5 (lol) times.Yeh, I'm coool like that.

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