This is a rant. And a big one. Sorry in advance…

One of the (many) reasons I hate sport so much is because of the way sporting ‘heroes’ get treated. As I mentioned yesterday, one of the football teams from our town won the local grand final. Whoop de do. But seriously, if you had turned up at my school today you would have thought they had won Olympic gold. All the boys wore their footy jumpers over their uniform, and a very large percentage didn’t even wear uniform. They ignored the black leather shoes policy and wore thongs, and then felt they had a right to leave school whenever they wanted. They expected everyone to worship the ground they walked on, and the worst part is, everyone did. Not one teacher (that I know of) has told them to get into class, or to get into uniform or even just stop being so big-headed. You won a grand final boys, so what? You haven’t benefitted humanity in any way. You haven’t made a difference. Quite frankly, you didn’t even play that well. It wasn’t an amazing win. There were no awesome marks or unlikely goals. It was pure luck that you even won. I’m sorry, but hardly anyone at school even congratualted us when we came second at state TOMs last year and if we’d tried to use it as an excuse to wear casual clothes or wag class, we would have been placed on a level in seconds. And when I made the regional debating team one teacher said something. One. Some of these boys made the regional footy team and they were treated like legends (they did then make the state team, but no one plays AFL in NSW, so it doesn’t count). Seriously, why the double standards? If I was sporty, my achievements would be applauded and congratulated and held in a much higher regard than they do now, just because they’re academic. It’s people like me who are going to help the world one day. We’re going to be the doctors treating these boy’s injuries. The lawyers getting them out of scrapes. The journalists promoting their fame. Without people like us, they would be nothing, literally, so why can’t the world recognise our achievements for once?
These same boys are going to the state football championships tomorrow, and, to tell you the truth, I don’t want to be anywhere near them if they even come close to winning.

frangipani princess xoxo

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