‘Omg. Why are you eating a woodchip?’

I had so many things to write about today, and then, this little thing called tiredness hit. Do you think I can even remember one? Nope, not even a hint of what they were.
I have proven something though, I cannot survive on four hours sleep. I’m sitting here staring at the screen, typing a few words, zoning out, coming back to conciousness, and repeating the process. Oh how you wish you were me.
We went to the local football grandfinal yesterday. We being the fams and toong, and then meeting up with the girls at the game. Our town only had one team in, the ‘thirds’ or under seventeens, and boy was it loud once the game started. Toong and I were just chilling listening to my iPod (which led to H’s grandma asking why we even went), but by the last five minutes we couldn’t hear over the nervous screams coming from all directions. Thankfully, we won. I say thankfully not because I care, but because we are now spared from hearing all the boys complain, and from seeing the crying faces of our classmates in the local paper. Both happened last year, and neither, although especially the latter, were pretty sights. Although hearing them all brag for the rest of our lives will not exactly be pleasant either…
I’ll post more once I actually get some sleep…

frangipani princess xoxo

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