"Did anyone else get zero?" "No. Oh wait. Aiden. But he wagged this period…"

Today I failed a practical unit of pdh. For the second time this year. Firstly it was softball, this time around it’s volleyball. I even tried this time, softball, not so much, but it didn’t matter. I managed, wait for it, to get a grand total of zero serves over the net. Worst in the class. Ok, so I haven’t officially failed yet, as we still have the ‘game assessment’ to go, but honestly, I have a snowballs chance in hell of even touching the ball. Today we had a practice match preparing for it. The ball came near me twice. The first time I ran away screaming (please don’t judge. It was hard and scary and going to kill me) and the second time I slapped it, causing not only a foul shot but the ball to fly into the net. That was also the first time I have actually touched the ball during a game this unit. Achievement.
When I told mum about my dismal efforts she laughed and told me it doesn’t matter if I fail all the prac units, as long as I ace the theory. That’s what happened last semester. I scraped through in prac, failing one unit and barely passing the rest, but my theory marks were so good I ended up with a B on my report, better than most of the diehard prac heads. I was laughing about the prac assessment in Commerce today and my teacher overheard me telling toong and maddi about mum not really caring if I fail prac. She laughed and said in her house it’s the opposite; she doesn’t care if her son fails theory as long as he aces prac.
It’s funny how we play on our strengths and weaknesses in school to achieve the way we do. I don’t care if I fail prac (obviously) but if I started failing maths or english I’d die (ok, so I failed a maths test once, but I’d been in Europe the whole topic and came back on the test day. Plus I got to retake it and ended up with 97% so it didn’t even matter). Most of my class however are failing maths and english but try their absolute hardest in prac and PASS. Every individual is different and every families expectations are different, so while my classmates shouldn’t get annoyed with me for my terrible prac marks, I, in turn, shouldn’t get annoyed at their lack of participation/homework/marks in more academic subjects. We just need to go with the flow and do what we, as individuals can, not caring about anyone else, because well, we are all individuals.
Have you ever failed a class?

frangipani princess xoxo

3 thoughts on “"Did anyone else get zero?" "No. Oh wait. Aiden. But he wagged this period…"

  1. Everyone needs to get the f**k over our lack of participation in prac. It's not like we'd help in the game if we did, and its not like we're making them fail. I don't what difference it should make to them.Xoxo.. Toongen..

  2. Wow, you guys have to do sport theory in year 10???We never had to do that! You can only do sport theory in year 11/12 if you choose it(for people looking into sport as a career).I am so glad sport isn't compulsory in year 11/12. I absolutely dreaded it as I only had one friend in my sport class last year and since she hates sport she never turned up so I was stuck with all the other bitchy girls in my class. I felt phsyically sick going to it. Whenever I had an orthodontist appoinment I'd tell my mum to book it when I had a double period of sport!

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