The boggart in the closet…

As I continue to rekindle my romance with Harry Potter (read here if you haven’t already), I stumbled upon something that made me really think in the third novel. In various chapters, but especially in one main one, the third years must face ‘Boggarts’ in Defence Against The Dark Arts. Now, a boggart takes the shape of whatever you fear most, so I began to think about what it would turn into for me. I thought, and thought and thought some more. My two biggest fears are falling and stairs (as we all know), but I don’t get freaked out by the sight of them. A staircase isn’t exactly going to make me run screaming, it’s just when I start to climb them they do. I’m kind of scared of clowns, but I don’t think that’s a big enough fear, it’s more an ‘avoid them when I can’ kind. They vaguely freak me out more than scare me to death. I’m completely stumped. I have no idea what my boggart would turn into. Maybe I’d be like Hermione and have a teacher telling me I’d failed everything as my greatest fear. That is a pretty scary thought…
What would YOUR boggart turn into?

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. Harry Potter re-reading is going well. Almost two weeks since I started and I’m currently a few chapters into book four. And loving it 🙂

5 thoughts on “The boggart in the closet…

  1. I was actually thinking about this the other day too because there is a similar creature in the book i am reading which turns into your worst fear and the intense fear kills the person. (the book is the second in the mortal instruments series called City of Ashes- so far they are pretty great- you should try them after HP)I didn't know either but mine probably would be something along the lines of a teacher saying i failed everything too. failing is not pleasant!I do plan to re-read HP in the future but have too many to-read books first.

  2. Robots.That's right.I am TERRIFIED of robots. i, Robot, Terminator, Darleks, Cybermen, this really creepy robot from a cartoon show called Code Lyoco (spelling), even robots toys! I don't know why, they just creep me out.xx

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