My Sister’s Keeper Movie: Review…

My favourite book in the entire world, as I may have mentioned, probably numerous times, is My Sisters Keeper. I was so excited when I heard they were making a movie version of it, but then I heard they had changed the ending and got angry. But I’ve already posted about that, you can read all about it HERE.
Today the mother took toong and I to finally see the movie version. I was very apprahensive, I mean, they’d butchered my favourite part! But it wasn’t completely terrible. It was different, very different, but as my english teacher told me when I was ranting about it the other week, movies are produced for mass audiences, so producers/directors have to put in what the masses will enjoy. I have to look at it as a movie completely separate from the book. Just a random movie called My Sisters Keeper. And if I do that, this is my review:

The Good:

  • The Dad wore a Yankees hat. A lot. And Wayfarers at the funeral. Win much?
  • They kept the whole one character narrates one chapter/section, another tells another part thing.
  • The book Kate made her mum was really cute. It made me sob though.

The Bad:

  • The whole rad thing with Campbell making excuses for his dog wasn’t in it, well it was for one bit, but it wasn’t as funny.
  • Taylor really annoyed me. He’s a rad character in the book, but he was annoying and that whole section went on for too long.
  • Kate and Taylor had sex. Wtf? They were fourteen in the movie!
  • Which brings me to the point of the ages. Everyone was like two years younger than they were in the book, which is stupid because it made Anna eleven. It makes so much more sense for a thirteen year old to do the things Anna does than an eleven year old.
  • The court case went for one day. One. Day. Unlike the book, where it was the main focus, it was given minimal screen time. It takes weeks in the book, but no, a day without even more than an hour recess for Campbell’s fit.
  • The ending. But I’m not going to rant on it again. Argh though, Anna’s narration at the end drove me up the wall. Anyone who’s read the book would realise the obvious flipping and contradictions in what she says as opposed to what is said in the book ending.
  • Kate narrated a section. Uh, no thank you. You’re not meant to! It’s like a Jodi Picoult trademark, the character the book is centred around doesn’t narrate a chapter until the ending dammit!
  • They completely left out the character of Julia (was that her name?). That storyline just didn’t exist.
  • Jesse wasn’t a bad boy in the movie, and yet in Anna’s ending narration she states ‘Jesse finally turned his life around’. Uh what? The only ‘bad’ thing he did in the movie was sneak out. Ooh hardcore!

If you haven’t read the book, you will love the movie. If you have read the book but haven’t thought much about it, you will love the movie. If you have read the book, and love it like me, you will enjoy it, but parts will drive you mad. Or maybe it’s just me. The  movie was good, just not compared to the book. It made me cry and cry and cry, and sob during the ending. I just can’t get over the fact of the predictable ending. They had it perfectly set up even for the book ending, but no, they decided to ‘please the masses’. I’m just glad I heard they had changed the ending before I went, I would have left in disgust if I hadn’t known in advance.

Rating on it’s own: 9/10
Rating with book: 4/10

Have you seen it? What did you think?

frangipani princess xoxo

4 thoughts on “My Sister’s Keeper Movie: Review…

  1. You definitely have to treat the film as completely separate to the book. I thought the whole sex thing was a good add on(in a non-gross way) but if that was in the book it would have just been weird.I thought the ending was pathetic, it didn't please me. Before I saw it I heard that both Anna AND Kate survived which would have been better than the movie's ending, at least.It sucks how they left out the whole pyro-maniac element with Jesse, that was my favouirte part(or perhaps that because I'm a firebug at heart… :D).I'm glad they left out Julia, that part of the book kinda bored me.I really liked the actors they chose for the film though.The only thing I don't like about My Sister's Keeper in general is the fact that Anna can't make up her mind whether to sue her mum or not, when they're actually in court. It just makes her seem kinda pathetic and weak, yet she's portrayed as strong at the beginning when she goes in to meet Campbell.

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