And then we’d all live happily ever after…

From a young age, most people dream of being famous, of one day having their name in lights. Not me though. I realised early that I am lacking in most talents that lead to fame (singing/dancing/acting/sport) so I have a life dream that is along the lines of being famous, but different. I want to be friends with someone famous. Not like ‘omg they were two years above me at school’ but sleepovers, nights out, having them be able to forget about being famous and having a persona around me… I think it would be so awesome. Like Tswift and Abigail, or Demi and Marissa, or Maya and JB. I just want to be totally normal but be able to sit back and enjoy someone elses fame ride with them. There was a feature in DOLLY (I think) a few months ago about being friends/family/in a relationship with someone famous. It was quite an interesting read and just made me want to have that kind of friendship more. I mean seriously, have you not seen the Tswift episode of Ellen where Abigail gets to go on as well, just because they’re bffs? Or read the tweets and (early) comments between Demi and Marissa to see the benefits she gets? And seriously, who hasn’t seen pics/vids of Maya and been super jealous because she gets to hang backstage and go to school (well, she used to) with them?
Ok. So I’m probably being pretty selfish here, wanting someone else to do all the hardwork for me while I get to ride in the limos/get into VIP parties/get all the marshmallow guns I want (they look fun, ok?) but it’s the only way I’ll ever taste fame. I’m sure you’ve all thought about this at some point. Really? No one?
None of my friends are awesome talented enough to become famous. I’m sorry guys, you’re just not. I can just see Toong releasing a number one album or Maddi on Neighbours or Charlotte on the Australian Olympic team. It’s just facts. They would say the same about me, promise. I’m not just a meanie 😛
At this moment, if I could be bffs with any (female, we all know who my male picks would be) celebrity, I think I’d pick Tswift. Ok, I just heard you all gasp through the computer, I know I’ve stated many times how much I hate her, but I just can’t anymore. She’s too awesome. I have thought long and hard about this decision and after deliberating over obvious choices of Demi/Selena/Miley I decided that
a) I don’t really want to be Miley’s friend
b) Demi and Selena are always random places working
c) I’d get to know them anyway because they’re tight with Taylor.
Tswift just seems so real and down to earth, and you only have to read one of her blogs or watch one of her vids to see how much fun she has. Sure, she was a bit ott about the whole Joe thing, but that aside, and the fact she dresses atrociously, she seems rad to the max.
Who would your celeb bff be?

frangipani princess xoxo

3 thoughts on “And then we’d all live happily ever after…

  1. Umm, ouch. Not about the album, that'll never happen, but ouch about me not being awesome enough. It has nothing to do with my awesomeness – coz I have a helluva lot! – its about talent! Musical/acting ability I lack, but awesomeness I do not.Xoxo.. Toongen..

  2. I'd pick Demi, she just looks like an amazing friend. Like she could always make you smile and her and SEl seem to have so much fun together. I am so jealous of their friendship 😛

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