No, I’m not pregnant mr. chemist. I’m fifteen. I’m SURE I’m not…

Oh joy. As of tomorrow I go back on themostevilterriblehorriblestuuuupiddrugintheworld Roaccutane.
Ok. So sure, I elected to go back on it. And in the long run it benefits me, but it’s still annoying. I don’t want chapped lips, peeling and paper-thin skin, nose bleeds, muscle aches, super sensitivity to the sun, monthly blood tests… the list goes on.
It’s such a fail. Why can’t we all just have perfect skin?
It annoys me in magazines how they never say that sometimes people suffering from acne need to see a dermatologist. Sure, they have to advertise certain products and pimp them out as miracle cures but every once and a while it wouldn’t hurt them to mention other options. Maybe even do a sealed section. I know so many people whose skin hasn’t cleared using supermarket creams/gels/washes and who have had to go on the pill, antibiotics or roaccutane. Treatments like these need to be put out in the teen world more so people with stubborn acne can get the information they need to realise they should seek help and visit their gp. If you’re reading this and have had problems with pimples, go to your gp, seriously, don’t be embarrassed, it’s the greatest thing I have ever done. Even though I do complain about the cure…

frangipani princess xoxo

3 thoughts on “No, I’m not pregnant mr. chemist. I’m fifteen. I’m SURE I’m not…

  1. you poor thing! That sounds horrible!Have you tried proactive? The one that's advertised in GF alot?My brother had pretty bad acne before using proactiv and now he just gets the occassional pimple. Give it a go if you haven't already.

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