Names, names, names, they’re very useful things…

The other night I was at the school exhibition night chilling with Toong and Milbs when the conversation of future children came up. We discussed it pretty normally for a while, until I had the brilliant decision to have twenty-six children, one starting with each letter of the alphabet. I’m sure this has been done before, or at least attempted, but seriously, it’s the coolest idea ever. Whenever I tell people though, they say ‘what would the name for *insert letter here* be?’ so, dear readers, I present to you my list of names for every letter of the alphabet: A is for Abigail and Adam
B is for Bronte and Benjamin
C is for Chloe and Chad
D is for Dominique and Drake
E is for Elle and Elijah
F is for Francesca and Finn
G is for Grace and Gabe
H is for Hannah and Hamish
I is for Imogen and Ian

J is for Janna and Jeremiah
K is for Kate and Kellan
L is for Lily and Luke
M is for Macy and Marc

N is for Natalie and Nathaniel
O is for Olivia and Oliver
P is for Phoebe and Paul
Q is for Quinn and Quentin
R is for Rachel and Rhett
S is for Sarah and Seth
T is for Tara and Troy
U is for Uma and Upton
V is for Vanessa and Van
W is for Wynona and William
X is for Xanthe and Xander

Y is for Yasmin and Yves
Z is for Zara and Zeke

Woah that took a long time. Some letters are so much harder than others. I feel for the child who gets U. We decided I’m having the first in two years, so that one will be in ’11, two in ’12 etc. Hmmm I better get busy soon πŸ˜›

In all seriousness though, I really only want four kids, six at the max, and I’m going to call them Abigail, Phoebe, Chloe, Xander, Zeke and Nate.
How many kids do you want and what do you want to name them?

frangipani princess xoxo

14 thoughts on “Names, names, names, they’re very useful things…

  1. Xander Quotes:"We're in the Crime Club, which is kind of like the Chess Club, only with crime, and, um, no chess". "Man, I love you!" [She begins to weep] "Are those tears of joy? Pain? Revulsion?" Lol.

  2. I wasn't being serious when I said V should be vanessa or veronica. Pshh, you have terrible taste in names.Umm, I like Nathaniel, Christopher, Victoria, Elizabeth… I wonder if I still have thta list of names. Yes. Theodore, Emmanuel and Elvindork (it's unisex). Camilla ruined the name Camilla for me, I used to lie it.Xoxo.. Toognen..P.S I'll have to marry someone with a short last anme (like Jonas?)

  3. I don't actually think i want kids, but if i did i'd have 6 and call them: Lorelai, Sibylla and Mariella (girls) and Zephyr, Valentine and Disney (boys). Everyone makes fun of me but i think they're lovely names.Cat xx

  4. probably 3. I would like more but I'm a lazy person so I wouldn't want to cook for lots of people. And it depends on my financial situation and house size. Five or six kids would be awesome.I plan to host for exchange students once my kids move out so that I always have young people in my house. πŸ˜› I hate the thought of being alone….

  5. whoops, forgot about names.Since you put down Zeke I have totally fallen in love with it! There's not many guy names I'm into but that one is awesome, it's short, easy to spell and original!For girls I love names ending in 'a':SophiaAvaEvaLaylaMayaAnd I love the name Alice but I'm saving that for myself! After highschool I'm going to change my name! :O

  6. I want somewhere between 2 & 5 kids. But it depends on what my husband wants too. I've always liked the idea of a big family…As for names, ive pretty much got them picked out .I even have middle names for the girls.Top Girls Names:- Isabella Jane- Alexis Grace- Zoe CatherineTop Boys Names:- Lucas Joel- Tristan Michael:)

  7. ooh, I remember my friend said i had to call one of the boy's Banjo and one of my girl's Chilli!I actually quite like Chilli, there was some little girl at a festival we went to with that name.Steph/Kerri- I kinda wanted to call one of my boy's Joe,Nick or Kevin but they're not very original but if I had to chose I'd pick Joe. I'm definitely adding Selena and Demi to my list,very pretty names!If I called my kid Demi, I wouldn't have Demetria as her proper name as no-one would ever call her that.That actually kinda annoys me when people have really long old fashioned names but they always use their nick name(eg. Tim & Timothy, Alex & Alexandra). The parents should have given their child the 'nickname' as their official name!

  8. iv even got middle names for my kidss already too! :Di have two boy namesChristopher James& Harley Edgarand a girl isTaryn JulieAll the names, even the middle names, relate to friends and people i loveee πŸ˜€

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