Me: Hey guys, did you know that she hates the sun, ’cause it proves she’s not alone, and the world doesn’t revolve around her soul?
Claire: Uh, *sigh*, this is exactly why everyone thinks you’re so weird.

Hm. That’s a conversation that occured at school earlier this week. I was well aware that most of the student body considered me ‘odd’ or ‘weird’ because of my liking of all things Disney, magazine-y and pop-culture-y and my lack of liking/participation in sport/partying etc. I just don’t think we should judge someone based on their interests. It’s funny, I think the same people who call me weird are weird because they don’t share my interests. If we look at it that way, everyone is always going to appear weird to almost everyone else. and that’s no way to view the world. Instead of calling each other ‘freaks’ and/or ‘weird’ for having unshared interests, we should embrace our differences. I’m not saying we need to all become bffs eternally, but I think we can be civil, and learn from the said differences. Maybe I can teach you about a new song, and you can explain the rules of footy to me. Or I can tell you about a new tv show and you can teach me a new band. Because lets face it, although I don’t really care, quoting the Jonas Brothers, a freak does not make…

frangipani princess xoxo

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